Ventura: Family dispute leads to house fire

no rx times;”>Firefighters, see police, pharm and Ambulance crews were summoned to the home of a 20 year old male who had been in a physical altercation with his family members earlier in the morning. Ventura Police peacefully took the subject into custody and Ventura Fire Paramedics and AMR personnel performed a medical assessment on the patient.

Prior to the arrival of emergency crews, the subject in custody ransacked a room, and in the process– knocked over candles, unbeknownst to the family and emergency responders. While fire and ambulance crews were assessing and treating the patient, family members rushed out of the house chased by smoke coming from the room the subject had been in earlier. Fire crews quickly donned protective equipment, summoned a structure fire response to the house, entered the home and extinguished the fire in one minute.  The fire was contained to two portions of the room with damages limited to personal belongings and surface décor of the room. Damages were estimated to be less than $1,000. The fire did not cause any structural damage to the property therefore was not yellow tagged for limited occupancy.

The patient was transported by AMR for further medical evaluation and was in the custody of the Ventura Police Department. The incident was reviewed by a fire investigator.

Woodland Fire

Photo Credit: Ventura Fire Department

Ventura Fire Department


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