Ventura “feels the Bern”- “A future to believe in “

By George Miller

Bernie Sanders spoke at Ventura College this week. He conveyed pretty much the same message as usual, with some new variants about Hillary refusing to debate him, Trump briefly entertainied that notion also, to which Sanders replied: “Game on” He said that a President Trump would be a disaster for the country, a feeling which seems to be mutual An uber-Socialist vs. uber-Capitalist debate would be interesting, fun and educational for all. UPDATE: DEBATE NO GO…

Reader Harvey Youngman of Newbury Park said he pretty much agrees with Sanders and was kind enough to let us use these photos below. He said there was much applause for Sanders, all standing ovations- because no chairs were provided.


Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaking on the West Field at Ventura College, 5-25-16. Photo: Harvey Youngman of Newbury Park

Some of Bernie’s issues cited:

Reform Wall St., tax Wall St. speculation, Wall St. to help residents- lower student debt etc., wants to address devastating Climate Change- drought, floods, acidification (transform energy system to renewable/non-carbon), environment, guarantee health care for all- a right, pharma industry greedy, Comprehensive immigration reform, path to Citizenship, end deportations, promote LGBT equality, end tax breaks for the rich, increase minimum wage to $15, represent all- not just 1%/big campaign donors, end corrupt campaign finance system, reverse Citizens United SCOTUS ruling, ease student loan debt/free college, legal gay marriage, abortion, women’s pay equity, legalize marijuana- make state issue, rethink so called war on drugs- decriminalize drug addiction- make mental health issue- provide treatment, make police look like the community, lethal force is last resort, end wars/costs- direct $ to infrastructure, rebuild America instead of Afghanistan. Help blacks, Latinos, native Americans, end racism/bigotry, increase Social Security and veterans benefits.

Wants to fix broken criminal justice system which incarcerates 2.2 million (more than any other country, and costs $88 billion. One cause: youth unemployment of 30, 40, 50% means trouble, Invest in jobs, education, not jail. Hold police accountable for bad behavior.

He wants to address income inequality. Cited: 20 top earners have more than bottom 150 million, Walmart family wealth greater than bottom 42% of people in USA, 

Many of these sound good, but this is a very large number of problems, costs would be astronomical, per estimates of an $18 trillion increase in debt/higher taxes and more in unfunded liabilities, double the increases during the Obama administration, which were double of those of the Bush administration. Some might remove incentives to perform.

Here’s the event video (note a gap after 1:02:00, then it continues):

Sanders claims he can beat Hillary and Trump, if turnout is high. He plans to win most of the subsequent primaries and swing some Superdelegates. Clinton feels she has the nomination almost sewn up, but has potential legal problems, baggage, but strong establishment support.



Bernie Sanders speaking on the West Field at Ventura College, 5-25-16. Photo: Harvey Youngman of Newbury Park



At Bernie Sanders rally, Ventura College, 5-25-16. Photo: Harvey Youngman of Newbury Park

Bernie Sanders- A Future to Believe In Ventura, CA on 5/26

Bernie Sanders- A Future to Believe In Ventura, CA on 5/26

THE DETAILS A Future to Believe In Ventura, CA on 5/26 OFFICIAL EVENT Join Bernie Sanders for a rally in Ventura, California. This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served.

What to expect from Bernie’s Thursday Ventura speech

By George Miller- Two “rock stars” have emerged from the 2016 Presidential campaign. Donald Trump, of course, is the leading superstar, sucking all the oxygen out of the room at Republican events and media reporting. But Bernie Sanders has an unparalleled cult following, especially of young people, who will have to live with the consequences of […]

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