Ventura lecture held on ancient biblical and other documents

By George Miller

Sunday night, Jerry and Gail Nordskog of Nordskog Publishing hosted an amazing lecture at their Ventura home, by Dr. Scott T. Carroll, a leading biblical archeologist/scholar.  A noted document specialist, he has familiarity with 13 languages, working regularly in four, including Greek, Latin, Aramaic & Hebrew.  He played an important role in putting together the Green and Van Kampen Collections, valued in the $ billions. MORE.

Dr.CarrolAntiquities3-2-14 114

Carol and the crowd opened up a 30′ skin scroll, vintage 1400’s European copy of a book of the Torah, which ended up in Israel and found its way to Ventura Sunday night.

Dr.CarrolAntiquities3-2-14 096

Dr. Marshall Foster of World History Institute and at least a dozen others in the audience hold a 30′ Torah scroll.

Dr. Carroll helped bring alive ancient times and explain not only how ancient antiquities find their way here, but how they are sorted out from the millions of artifacts, assessed, processed, interpreted, classified and find their way into collections/museums.  The photo below depicts pieces of an ancient papyrus script salvaged from an Egyptian mache mummy shroud. He didn’t bring the really expensive stuff of more complete texts.
We have so much more to tell you in a future story, which will be reviewed after preparation for accuracy, then published.  There may be some video to go with it, too! We will try to explain what the significance of these discoveries is.
Dr.CarrolAntiquities3-2-14 076
Above: Dr. Carroll shows us papyrus pieces painstakingly removed from a 1st century A.D. mummy shroud, recently assembled and interpreted. This is the oldest example of this text ever discovered. It was compared to newer copies. We cannot show you closeups for multiple reasons.
Dr.CarrolAntiquities3-2-14 080.JPG

Approximately 4000 year old cuneiform (clay) inscribed tablet.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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