Ventura Marathon Training Program

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    Mile 26 SportsVenturaMarathon

    1450 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura, CA (map)

  • Across the street from Cafe Nouveau
  • The Ventura Marathon Training Program is a program geared towards both beginning and intermediate runners. Whether you’re looking to run your first race, striving for that PR, or looking to qualify for Boston, we aim to provide a great training program and expert advice to help you reach your goals. We have a training program for all three of the running distances offered at the Ventura Marathon. This includes a 20-week training program for the Half and Full Marathon and a 12-week training program for the 5K. Discuss your training and tips (Or not! You can always chat about other things like dogs, family, hobbies, movies, etc.) afterwards at Beach House Tacos or Cafe Nouveau. Reward yourself with a breakfast burrito and a mimosa (or two). 🙂 

    The 5K Training Program will begin on June 26th. 

    For more information on details and pricing, please visit:

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