Ventura Murderer’s Accomplices Known – But Still at Large

By Paul D. White

Only the man who stabbed Anthony Mele is in jail (more).  Countless other de facto accomplices who played critical roles in his death, have yet to be held publicly responsible for their part in this tragic – and avoidable killing.  The list includes the following:

The Ventura Chief of Police, who created a Municipal Code provision that allows homeless vagrants like Mele’s attacker the chance to commit up to 25 misdemeanors before they ever go to court.   The Chief was repeatedly implored by citizens group QOL-Ventura (Quality of Life) to change this policy of ridiculously soft law enforcement which has made Ventura a magnet for deranged criminal vagrants…but he arrogantly refused. He also refused to enforce countless other laws which attract vagrant predators.

The Ventura City Attorney and City Manager, who were repeatedly encouraged by QOL-Ventura to take a public stand for toughening Ventura’s laws against law-breaking vagrants, but instead, sat silently and amorally by, refusing to use the power of their offices to “drain the swamp” of Ventura’s city leadership.

The Community Development Department (link), that has done more to create vagrant situations like the one that killed Anthony Mele than any other party – except one.   Their “accomplishments” are too many to name, but their leading ones include:

• The failed “10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Ventura” that exponentially INCREASED it: creating a tidal wave of vagrant migration to Ventura.

• The “Wet House” homeless housing concept now being implemented, which provides  criminal, addicted, and insane vagrants free, lifetime, taxpayer subsidized  housing – requires the recipients to do NOTHING to get help or change their ways – but merely provides a place where they can more easily continue using drugs and maintaining  criminal  lifestyles.

• The Ministerial Group Coalition (and their secular counterparts) that told QOL-Ventura the Word of God calls them to have no moral backbone in dealing with vagrants-by–choice:   that enlightened religion requires no balance between compassion and accountability for our actions; and thus this group has emboldened local predators by giving them food, clothes, and moral support.  Justifying their actions by saying they’re obligated to do what  Jesus taught, one can only assume that Chapter 1, verse 9 of the book of Hebrews is missing from their Bibles.

• Ventura’s Neighborhood Community Councils, only a few of whom even allowed QOL-Ventura 5 minutes to hurriedly try and convince them to stand up publicly against the city’s accident-waiting-to-happen approach to dealing with the homeless.  How would they explain to the Mele family that they care more about fixing streetlights, planning block parties, and going-along (with City Council) to get-along, than they do for fighting for the community’s protection from criminal vagrants?

Chamber of Commerce – Of course they didn’t have time to fight for better homeless policies that could have saved Anthony Mele’s life. They were too busy denying to QOL-Ventura that Ventura even HAS a homeless problem, and coming up with cute names for Ventura’s constant stream of “Come to Ventura and Walk Around Drunk Downtown” promotions. Statistics say that Mele’s killer was most likely under the influence of the same drug they so irresponsibly and excessively promote.

THE VENTURA CITY COUNCIL- If it’s true that “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality,” then Ventura City Council members, your seats are waiting for you. 

In regard to who REALLY is responsible for Anthony Mele’s killing, the buck stops here.  Ventura voters gave the seven elected council members  the legal authority, financial resources, and moral responsibility to do everything in their power to keep families like the Meles safe.  The council has ignored years of public protests and 1-to-1 pleadings from QOL-Ventura and a too-small number of like-minded residents.  They’ve urged the council to forego their personal, irresponsibly liberal leanings in regard to homelessness, and  act in the best interest of ALL residents.  Callously and selfishly disregarding this input, the council has violated Ventura residents’ trust by approving and  implementing disastrous homeless policies, and Anthony Mele’s death  is a direct result of the council’s incompetency.  Unarguably, Mele’s blood is on their hands.  NO council member has a moral right to express their sympathy to the Mele family, unless and until they have resigned their position. 

Last but not least, to the countless business owners and community members who were too busy for the past 6 years with work, grandkids, soccer practice, dogs, or whatever to give even 30 minutes in support of QOL-Ventura’s efforts to recall the entire City Council and establish a safe, effective homeless policy, we have only one question.

Will the indescribable and avoidable tragedy that befell the Mele family be what it takes to get YOU to publicly – vocally – strongly stand up against the horrible leadership that is destroying your community (and homelessness is just ONE of Ventura’s many issues)?  Or, will you continue with business as usual: forgetting about this incident until it strikes closer to YOUR restaurant table – YOUR family – YOUR home?

We thank any others who have acted or spoken up for positive changes to the losing strategies now being pursued in Ventura.


Man Charged with Premeditated Murder for Ventura Beach Restaurant Stabbing

Man Charged with Premeditated Murder for Ventura Beach Restaurant Stabbing

VENTURA, California – District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced that Jamal Jackson (DOB 4/13/69) has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder for the stabbing death of Anthony Mele. The homicide occurred on April 18, 2018, at a restaurant in Ventura. It is also alleged that Jackson has a prior “strike” offense for residential burglary. The case […]


We are #1! ….

QOL- Ventura 2017 State of the City Address


Paul D. White is the Director of Stronghold Institute and former head of QOL-Ventura.   Located in Ventura from 2012 – 2017, Stronghold currently operates out of Reno, Nevada.  Mr. White welcomes comments at:   [email protected]

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Robert Worthley

Liberal lawyers as judges, politicians, and with ACLU and other equally leftist organizations have conned the masses into continuation of their empowerment. Sanctuary cities?
Regarding Ventura’s city council, some great candidates. Then, we have some very progressive ones. See, for example, who is endorsing Lakin. Many are the same folks who helped facilitate the sad murder of Anthony.

Paul D. White

As a response to public outcry over Anthony Mele’s murder, Ventura city council members are desperately trying to do damage control with fake and insincere public statements.

CITIZENS OF VENTURA: Don’t buy into their phony calls for “US to work together to solve this.” US didn’t cause this problem; THE COUNCIL did.

If you let the council lure you into public discussions and other wastes of time, THEY WILL WIN AND THESE PROBLEMS WILL CONTINUE.

Tell the council one thing only. They will have no peace, you will NOT “get together and talk” about this” (will that bring back Mr. Mele?) and you will do everything in our power to drive you from office to keep from ruining this community for tens of thousands of families, UNTIL they do the following IMMEDIATELY:

1) Remove the Chief of Police from city employment.
(He can retire any time, and you’re already going to pay his 6 figure retirement forever).

2) Remove the top 2 Community Development administrators who have CREATED this homeless policy mess from city employment. (They also can both retire right now).

3) Re-write the Municipal Code to allow a maximum of 3 misdemeanors TOTAL before sending violators to court.

4) DISCONTINUE the half-dozen “special” courts for homeless criminals. Our Constitution provides for ONE set of laws and consequences for everyone. If the weak judges complain about there being no room in the jail, our city council needs to tell them it’s the COUNTY’S problem to figure it out. Re-open the work furlough site; Re-open the Ojai Honor Farm; there are LOTS of options, but one of them is NOT keeping them on the streets of Ventura.

5) Tell the Sheriff’s Department that Ventura is NOT going to continue allowing every one of the thousands of county-wide inmate criminals to be released at the corner of Victoria and Telephone. The Sheriff’s department CAN transport back to their city of origin, and WILL do it if the city council requires it.

IF the city council will do all of the 5 items in 2 weeks or less – and they could – THEN it would be worthwhile to talk about next moves. IF THEY WON’T DO THIS, the citizens of Ventura need to either drive them out of office and out of town, or…get comfortable with not only this horrible homeless situation, but LA-style impacted roads and combination of no-drinking-water/drinking-your-toilet-water, and more.

See for details.

Michelle Moore

I feel very badly for this man and his poor family.
This situation does need to be addressed. It’s been a long ongoing battle as how to best help people. Enabling them isnt the answer for people with issues that make them a danger to themselves and/or others. Yet, decifering those who are merely just out of luck ARE people you want to help.
I love Ventura and am afraid when I am there. It’s an ongoing problem all over the world, but Ventura has always been an attractive place for the homeless.
I think the author is very passionate on this subject, obviously, but I truly thought the numbers had gone down. Regardless, they’ve not gone down enough.

Roberta Mendez

City council meeting Monday night. Every able bodied Venturan needs to show up.


It is most definitely a City of Ventura problem that vagrants with drug addictions and frequent criminal conduct have been permitted great freedom at the expense of citizen safety.

Address the root problems with strong enforcement before more people are killed and injured.

Barney DeSimone

The waiting for something to happen syndrome is rampant. When somethoing does happen, we the citizens pay with our lives.


This is not a city of Ventura problem, that homeless, drug addicts and thieves run the streets. THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA went soft on crime and pushed these people into our communities. VPD does not have enough cops on the streets to battle this mess.