Ventura Overpass Obama Protest



CitizensJournal covered this 9-7-13 event sponsored by Ventura County Tea Party organizations.

It took place on a pedestrian overpass from Ash St. to the Ventura Pier. Participants object to what they say are dozens of impeachable offenses committed by Barack Obama, such as threatened illegal attack on Syria, illegal war on Libya, handling of Benghazi incident, IRS scandals, NSA illegal spying, illegal recess appointments, Logan Act violations, flouting court orders on recess appointmemts, illegal “executive orders,” illegal use of “Czars,” violation of commercial law in auto industry takeover, possible crimes in Obamacare passage, identity fraud, illegal oil drilling stoppage, Fast ‘n Furious, immigration & voting law violations.

They informed us that, a left wing organization, is holding a vigil on the proposed illegal attack on Syria Monday evening at 7 PM near the Ventura County Government Center at Victoria Ave. and Telephone Road.


Obama Lies, Crimes, Poor Performance and Other Reasons to Get Rid of Him

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