Ventura Time Arc, a video look at a most beautiful place

Latest video by award-winning local photographer and all-around great guy David Pu’u- a real treat ….

Btw, just made this. It was my effort to engage in the command to think on God’s good and beautiful things. Just uploaded it to my youtube channel. I had put it on a  couple of my FB pages and it got 1.2 k views in a  day. Our home.



Ventura River Watershed
Starting in Lockwood Valley, Pine Mountain and various locations in the Sespe.
Ventura and Oxnard Coastal plain, Santa Monica Mountains and Coastline.

David Pu’u is an internationally recognized photographer and cinematographer with broad experience ranging from editorial publication, to television and feature film production. Currently David is lead creative and CEO of Neocreative Inc, which develops and licenses IP related to Photography, Literature and Film. He is Co Founder of OceanLovers Collective Inc.  He holds a Certification as a Rescue Boat Operator and First Responder via K38 Maritime and AWA, and is trained in risk assessment and mitigation in marine environments.  

He has also done work as a creative and advisor in think tank project environments  at ARUP, the Sea-Space Initiative,  the ongoing Neuroscience Project: Blue Mind, and the Seth Godin based project: Triiibes. You can contact David Puu Photography at his website. Business Facebook page


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David Puu

Thanks for publishing this CJ! I love where we live and the community we have.

William "Bill" Hicks

A great mix of video and audio.