Ventura–City staff digs in its heels on granny flats


By Camille Harris

The Granny Flat program proposes to create “Have Nots” while further enriching the “Haves.”

Ventura City Hall

Ventura City Hall

To wit, after receiving factually based legal opinions from highly esteemed national law firms, and understanding they are putting Ventura’s coffers at risk, Ventura’s city staff  will still recommend continuing two aberrations of the second unit program on Monday, April 28th, to the City Council. The staff has sought and failed at getting any approval for their overreach on the energy codes from the California Energy Commission. We, however, have succeeded and will present the CEC’s direction on Monday at the council meeting.  

 The Mistakes

1. Imposing expensive energy codes on the 2nd unit program after giving their own city officials a pass. This brings up a Constitutional issue of unequal treatment and is also a violation of the Federal Fair Housing laws by creating a disparate impact on the Hispanic community.  

 2. The exclusion of Pierpont from the second unit program, could also be a Constitutional issue, since that is a high income area being treated differently to ensure only the wealthy can afford to live there. 

How much of our tax dollars are we willing to give up in the courts for this Housing Prevention Program? Ventura is in desperate need of affordable housing that requires no new water and that pays taxes instead of creating them, so what’s the story? Is this about scraping 2 unit lots to build 8 units instead?  Is code enforcement the new Eminent Domain?

This is a perfect story for Reason.TV  Great for Ventura’s reputation as a place one would want to live.

Citizens can only hope the Ventura City Council has more common sense. It is the taxpayers who have to pick up the legal costs, not the staff. 

It is time for anyone concerned about overreach, to show up, so come fill a seat. Eventually the knock can come to your own door.  Monday, April 28th, 501 Poli, Item 7, Ventura 6 PM 

April 28th City Council Agenda:

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      “The way to escape from a problem is to solve it.”


Camille Harris is the co-proponent with Helen Yunker for the Safe City Initiative to legalize safe existing housing where permits are missing from the city’s records, for the city of Ventura.

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2 Responses to Ventura–City staff digs in its heels on granny flats

  1. Jeff April 28, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    I am unclear as to the specific topic of the article…can you be more clear for the uninformed reader?

    • Citizen Reporter April 28, 2014 at 8:12 pm

      “Granny flats” are additional apartments created in single family homes, both legally and Illegally. These are done by people wishing to accommodate additional family members or tenants, for income. The city wishes to crack down on illegal ones, to generate revenue, bring them into compliance or force dismantling them, ostensibly for safety. Ms. Harris is working on behalf of non-conforming owners, seeking to eliminate illegal restriction she says that the city is imposing and compromises for others. Google “Camille Harris” to read past articles, which will give you background info.


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