Verizon trying to force a cell tower in our backyard- Please help us

press_release_iconSome CITIZENS’ activism here…..


Please take a couple of minutes to view the information I am sending to you. My community here in Simi Valley and I need CellTreeToweryour help and any suggestions you may offer.

My home is directly across from the proposed site.

Verizon has submitted a proposal to the City of Simi Valley to install a 45-foot cell tower in the open space directly behind our home, which our entire community is opposed to and we need your support with as many signatures as possible!!

Attached is the site report and the notice of the hearing which was cancelled until further notice.

Our neighbors have been in communication and we met last Thursday to plan our strategies. We will again meet this Thursday evening at 6:15. Our board members and the Casablanca HOA are also in support of opposing Verizon’s proposed plan.

My community is on the east side of Stargaze Place where they plan to erect the Verizon tower and it is right next to our park where our children play and our homes. This location is very close to many residential homes including the Glen which is on the west side of Stargaze Place.

We have explored some approaches to this situation and are working on them now as well as continuing our research regarding the matter. We understand that it is critical that we have much support with our efforts to oppose them so I am asking you to assist us with signatures for our petition to oppose Verizon’s plans.

Will you PLEASE:

  1. Sign this online petition.  Please sign for each member of your family:
  1. Please forward this email to ALL of your friends and family who especially reside in Simi Valley requesting that they please sign this petition
  1. Add this to your Facebook page

Thank you in advance for your support, both my family and community truly appreciate it!    

Facebook page:

Please let me know if you would be able to join us next week when we meet on Thursday in our community and let me know if you have any upcoming events for I did not see any on the website.

Please also consider placing an article in the Citizens Journal regarding our situation so the public can be more aware of what is happening regarding the threat of cell towers being installed in very close proximity to residential homes.

HERE is an article in the Acorn about the recent approval of a cell tower to be placed on Kuehner Drive..

Please also let me know If I can share with you further regarding some of our plans we now have in place.

Again we have all been grateful to you for your leadership and all the work you continue doing for the well-being of our communities and our shared goals of preserving our liberties for the future generations.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you,


Kathy Ellis

[email protected]

Simi Valley, CA



Read: WTP-79 Staff Report


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