Video | President Trump’s Salute to America



Filled with praise for the Armed Forces, and replete with the recounting of historical events that shaped our country, President Trump spoke in the Nation’s Capital in honor of the founding of this country. Many of his critics accused the Commander in-Chief of spending taxpayer money for a “campaign event.” Instead what unfolded at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial was a tribute not only to the Founding Fathers but to Americans, all Americans, who throughout 243 years of its existence, the inception of our country marked by the Declaration of Independence, forged a nation of the people and by the people.  President Trump praised you and me and those of us who have worn, and now wear, the uniform of our armed forces.  Each military branch was honored by their leader with tales of that branch’s inception to the deeds performed by their members in the service of freedom.  And not only to secure the freedom for Americans at home, which included honoring the struggle for Civil Rights, but on to fighting for freedom for all people throughout the world.  It was a tribute well done, honoring this great experiment in liberty.  Bravo, Mr. President, Bravo.

The video is below from the PBS News Hour and is well worth your time watching it. 

Happy 4th of July from Citizens Journal.



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