VIDEO – The Stand | The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine, Featuring Dr. Simone Gold, of America’s Frontline Doctors.

Trained in emergency medicine as well as holding a law degree, Dr. Simone Gold discusses the merits of the COVID 19 vaccines verses early treatments.  If the disease is caught early enough the outcomes improve for a virus that has a very high survival rate as it is, especially in younger demographics.  The new COVID vaccines are based on new technologies which have unknown long term effects.



Visit this website for early treatments and action items: America’s Frontline Doctors

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This was early. You know what I’ve seen or heard since then: 1. It’s a serious marck of the beast threat(I’ve seen a vjdeeo made by a victim where it moves from vacksine site to hand. Once in the hand, it forms a snake-like mark there. You can only see it glow(normal state is invisible) under a certain kind of light. The special stuff is called luciferase or lucifer rays! The patent is 60606, which is 666 in occult value, as 0s mean nothing to them. That’s why 360 or 180, for examples, are 666. Also, an insider early on said that it will have RFID capability; this technology is a sister scan, buy, and sell technology to what we use now in stores! In addition, hacksine passports would allow the same thing! Doesn’t that sound like the warning given in Revelations 13 and 14 chapter?!

2. I have heard that–whenever they choose to activate this feature–it will be able to affect people with a CRISPR like technology. What I mean is–DNA editing technology. I know that it has been available for at least 5 years now. Whatever they reveal about technology, you can rightly assume that it has been out longer! 3. I have heard that it will affect the antibodies in a way that makes them specific, so that they no longer respond to certain or, maybe all, other illnesses/variants! 4. Somebody also informed that the 5G will also interact with the graphene in this thing to be a major problem or maybe even fatal for the vaccinated. 5. You have to know that the iIInminati wants to depopulate the world into a 500 million amount. That means that most of us will die–if they got their watmy!


Let’s quote the sources used in this opinion, verbatim:

  • You know what I’ve seen or heard
  • an insider early on said
  • I have heard that
  • you can rightly assume
  • I have heard that it will
  • Somebody also informed that
  • You have to know that

These are some INCREDIBLE sources you’ve found to support your opinion. Well done Marcus!


[…] Dr. Simone Gold Trained in emergency medicine as well as holding a law degree. Dr. Simone Gold discusses the merits of the COVID 19 vaccines verses early treatments(Watch the viral video here, un…, if the disease is caught early enough the outcomes improve for a virus that has a very high […]


Thanks for all your info. I am still researching some things and not taking the vaccine.

Jack Fraser

Those precious warriors who are the truth tellers to the lie of the covid treachery will go down in history as the bravest of all Americans. They are fighting so that we know what prophylactic measures are out there that actually work. God bless them forever. If we all knew that zinc, vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, invermectin and budesonide were measure that could have saved tens of thousands of lives, if not more, then start asking yourselves just why they want to control all of us, and herd us into certain thought channels of acquiescence and servility, all the time corrupting ourselves with this bacteria-causing mask wearing. It is time to stand up for what you believe.

Skye Solsona

Perfectly said. Thank you.

Nikie Bonner


Nikie Bonner

Dr. Simone Gold

Mike Smith

Mancini parroted, “This is a subversive political campaign masquerading as medical opinion.”

Knee-jerk Orwellian doublespeak.

And projection of the Left’s wrongdoing on to every one of its victims.


Mike Smith said “Polly want a cracker?”


Brother, ate you in for a big surprise. And not a good one.


It is now said by the so called scientist / experts that the experimental vaccine does not prevent infection nor transmission.




This is a subversive political campaign masquerading as medical opinion.


What?! You don’t want to hear the truth?! Then you’re part of the problem!


Exclamation marks don’t don’t make your opinion valid. Just makes you kind of shouty and obnoxious.


its not necessarily truth, but should be considered as another viewpoint in which case a person needs to do his or her own further research until they come to their own conclusion of whether or not they should or should not get “this” vaccine. Is this broad another hormone driven mom who won’t get her own children important vaccines like polio, or measles etc.


Lolz. Triple up your mask, sheep.

Sandy G Lange

What possible “subversive” political campaign would Dr Gold have??? What reason would she have? Unconscionable….


Food for thought. Take the time and do some real research to find out as much as possible regarding the virus treatments. Research the experimental vaccines.


Humbly grateful to have found great Drs like yourselves fighting for freedoms. God bless you AFLD.

Dr John

Our government was designed to serve – We the People, not to rule, bully or coerce – We the People.
Presently we are witnessing the world’s most powerful corporations doing their damn best to achieve a global takeover through what “Amazing Polly” has coined – a Global Health Mafia.
Those that have lined up to receive the vaccine still believe their government has their best interest at heart. Truth can be a hard pill to swallow-which is why so many still blindly trust our corrupt establishment.
The blind are not the enemy. Eventually they will see.
The Freedoms of our constitution are OURS to defend. Don’t expect a hero to show up to defend your rights and make America great again.
Let us make our forefathers proud and once more stand together to defend the freedoms these men gave their lives for us to inherit.
It’s time to close our borders and clean our house!!!!!