Viewpoint: CA Rep. Karen Bass Immigration Townhall Very One-Sided

BassKarenBy Michael Greer

Congresswoman Karen Bass held a Townhall  on July 7th 2013, the topic,  Immigration Reform. 

The audience was packed with supporters for reform.  SEIU (Service Employees International Union), CHIRLA (Coalition for Human Immigration Rights of Los Angeles) and other interest groups

When Representative Karen Bass arrived she moved through the room greeting people and having pictures taken.   She made a point of asking us if we were from Hancock Park Patriots.  She seemed to know we’d be there.

The presentation was completely one sided in favor of the Senate’s immigration bill.   Bass used a PowerPoint presentation to compare  the Senate Bill  to what the House of Representatives was proposing.  She stated Republicans in the House were only considering separate bills not a comprehensive bill and that none of them included a “pathway to citizenship”.  She was followed by Xiomara Copeno from CHIRLA (a branch of LaRaza) who spoke about all the benefits and rights she believed the illegal aliens were entitled to.  She spoke mostly about keeping families together and mentioned several things she thought were unfair in the Senate Bill, such as being that legalized illegals will be exempt from ObamaCare, that the “pathway to citizenship” is too long a process and the fines are too high. 

Congresswoman Judy Chu spoke about measures she would like that help Asian immigrants.  Seems everyone has a carve-out in the Senate bill except the American citizens. An African-American woman  asked why there was no one speaking for the opposition.  Bass said this Townhall wasn’t for the opposition.  She said her position was clear that she supported the Senate Immigration Bill.  She said there were people there in opposition and they would be given an opportunity, allotting them one minute each to speak. 

Next on the agenda were personal testimonies.  The first was a “Dreamer” who spoke tearfully about missing members of her family who were still in Mexico.  Americans live in countries around the world and manage to survive without bringing their entire family.  We send our military away to distant countries and separate them from their families– and if they broke numerous laws you can be sure they would be separated from their families while serving in prison.

Bass pointed out that I was opposed to the bill just before I even began to speak.  I first said Mexico has no “pathway to citizenship” and that this conversation wouldn’t be happening there.  My mother lived in Mexico for 30 years and only natural born Mexicans can be citizens.  Foreign born can  be permanent residents but never citizens.  Then I reminded everyone, there are nine million fewer jobs now than in 2009 and that currently we bring in 125 thousand legal immigrants and 7000 H1B visa workers every month.  I said we weren’t creating enough jobs to cover the new immigrants.  I asked how she could consider adding 20 million more to the work force.  Whose jobs were they going to take?  She replied that most were already working (AGAINST the law).  I wasn’t allowed to respond but if I could have I would have said, yes, that’s why African-American  unemployment is 14% and 23 million Americans were unemployed. 

An African-American man in the audience said they would take the jobs Americans don’t want to do.  I told him Americans were willing to work as plumbers, electricians, construction workers, truck drivers, cooks, gardeners, etc.

Dr. Baker spoke of this bill harming the African-American  Community most.  Jamal Shaw’s  aunt spoke about the illegal alien who gunned down  her nephew as he walked home from a mall.  She asked Bass for her support of Jamal’s Law but was turned down.  Bass did admit she has issues with the bill because it doesn’t say how gang members will be identified and kept out.  Is she serious?  Bass did say she would meet with Jamal’s father to discuss the issue. .  . 

Mostly those who spoke were in support of the Immigration Bill and asked. Bass how they could help.  After the Townhall, one of the attendees spoke to Bass and asked that she have another Townhall on Immigration to give the opposing side equal time.  She told him to call her office and she’d consider it. 

 If you oppose this issue call DC several times a day and melt the phone lines.  Congressman Steve King told me that we stopped the 2006 Amnesty Bill by shutting down the switchboard.  We put the fear of God in them.  That’s not happening this time and it needs to. Bass is organizing phone banks for pro-amnesty activists to call Speaker Boehner.  She said she is trying to force Boehner to bring the Senate bill to a vote.  They would only need 18 Republicans to vote for it and she thinks they could get 18 or more.  There can be NO Immigration bill passed as long as this administration is in office.  Until the Immigration Bill is killed and off the table we have to call, e-mail, tweet EVERYDAY.  We MUST stop this bill.  

Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 

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