Viewpoint: Liberal Pundit Slams Surveillance Policy

MaskofBOBy George Miller

Anyone tracking what passes for MainStream “news” today could scarcely fail to notice the furor over NSA and other government extensive surveillance, not only of foreign terrorists, domestic terrorits and criminals- but EVERYONE. Yes, at this time it is evident that nearly all phone calls and electronic communications are being monitored. What’s interesting is that the furor is coming from the public, not so much from government officials, who largely support this. Some are only trying to take positions to hide or minimize that. Some are open and obvious about supporting the entire program.

This is an issue that does not split along the over-hyped “Republican-Democrat” partisan line, whatever that is, but more along liberty vs statism.  Increasingly we are seeing such accord on this among the most outspoken advocates of freedom, who can be found among various elements in the ideological spectrum.

This video from NextNewsNetwork, one of our Televison news partners,

N3-big helps explain what is happening.

Interviewee Bruce Dixon is the managing editor of the Black Agenda Report and is a member of the state committee for the Georgia Green Party. Dixon recently wrote an article titled “NSA, DEA and Local Cops Share Information Concealed from Judges and Defendants, but No Liberal Outrage.”

In the piece, Dixon makes the case that some of the acts committed by the Obama administration would not be tolerated by liberals if they were committed by a Republican President.

The title of the video referring to “Obama Surveillance” is a little misleading, since most of the policy initiatives were promoted by previous administrations and Congresses, although they seem to be “on steroids” now.

Whatever you think about the Snowden affair, it has exposed much of what was hidden about this. Some of this exposure has harmed our security efforts, but some has ignited a very healthy debate which could lead to improvements.

George Miller is a Citizens Journalist and “retired” management consultant, residing in Oxnard.

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