Viewpoint: RNC 2016 CONVENTION

By Celeste Greig, Opposition Research

The RNC 2016 Convention is history.  What the alarmist liberal media, the establishment and Democrat party told everybody, that our convention was going to be full of hate, brutal with huge demonstrations against us, did NOT happene.  It was a very peaceful venue; the Black Lives Matter folks were small in numbers.  The local police and from other cities and states were THE best.

Except for one small incident from a Pink Code woman who is rumored, with the help of a liberal news media person, may have gotten entrance into the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, who made a small disturbance. And of course the good but disloyal speech of a former Republican Candidate, to whom Donald J. Trump so graciously reached out and offered him a prime time speaking slot, and yet refused to endorsed our nominee, even though he had promised and signed a pledge to support the nominee.

Overall the convention was a hit, well organized, full of patriotism, passion, and enthusiasm. 

I have attended six Republican conventions before, and can attest that after the Reagan in 1984, this was one of the best, I enjoyed very much being there as a delegate.

Now, officially there are two sets of candidates for President and Vice President: Our Republicans, Donald J. Trump and Gov. Mike Pence, and for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

Mr. Trump has become our nominee without having any elected political experience. Not since Gen. Dwight Eisenhower won the Republican nomination in 1952 has any such person done that. However he has vast business experience, has built an impressive empire, created thousands of jobs and has the knowledge to pick the best people for the most important jobs.

Donald J. Trump was instrumental in getting an impressive support group which drafted and ratified a winnable and exceptional GOP Platform that we can all agree with and be happy.  On the Democrat side, their platform is one of the worst in years, of course with full support/input from her, and fully drafted by Hillary Clinton’s supporters, for instance;

  1. Full nationalized healthcare by extending Medicare to everyone, (because as we know well, Obamacare has worked so well….)
  2. Amnesty for everyone who has blatantly circumvented our immigration laws, plus taxpayers funded attorneys for every illegal alien, i.e., “undocumented Democrat.
  3. Trillions of dollars in new taxes (the entire U.S. economy is only $18 trillion) to pay for even more trillions in new entitlements, which most likely will be made up by increasing the national debt and money-printing.
  4. Abolition of all restrictions on abortion whatsoever, including U.S. taxpayer’s dollars to fund all abortion
  5. A job where EVERYONE will get a national $15 minimum wage, helping union pay (and mandatory dues), replacing wage workers with robots, and guaranteeing there will be a massive welfare-dependent underclass to attend BLM and OccupyWallStreet rallies forever.

IF Hillary Clinton gets elected (God help us, NOT) four more years of her left-wing radicalism and it won’t matter. She has already signaled her intentions to grant a massive amnesty beyond Obama’s and bring in 500% more Syrian refugees than Obama.

Plus more massive regulations, the end of religious liberties, more propaganda on global warming, terrible economic policies, assault on the Second Amendment, unconstitutional executive orders.

Just think how irrational Hillary is: right after Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign in disgrace as DNC’ Chairman (due to the 20,000 DNC emails sent out to screw Bernie Sanders), Hillary hired Ms. Wasserman Schultz. 

Oh…..they really are experts in emails corruption, Hillary is the most untrustworthy of them all….

Donald J. Trump may be sometimes rude or aggressive, but he is NOT evil, he is NOT a socialist, he is NOT crooked, he is NOT a liar.  Hillary is all of the above and more, she is a fierce defender and enabler of her “political” husband’s infidelities, who happens to be a sexual predator. They both have declared a war against women, especially against those he abused.

Donald J. Trump is blessed to have five children.  Four of them adults.  Truly impressive and a huge credit to their father— very down to earth, friendly, hard working and extremely smart.

Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence will re-enforce our National Security, support our men and women in blue (because all lives matter). support good education for our children, where the parents are in charge, and NOT the village, improve the economy, keep our borders safe and build a wall, keep jobs in the country by giving incentives to companies who outsource them to other countries, and…, better benefits and honor to members of our Armed Forces; Army, Air Force Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.

The choice is clear, we need to work hard as never before.  It may be repetitive but I cannot stress enough how important for our country, for our posterity to win the Presidency of the United States of America with Donald J. Trump.


Finally, if you haven’t done it yet, go to a theatre where it showing to see Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie/documentary, “Hillary’s America”.  If you have a friend who is a Dem or undecided, this would open their eyes not to vote for her.


Celeste Greig is a Constitutional, Conservative political activist, who happens to be a Republican


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AVRC Stalker

OK then why is it the Drumpfster is the only one who can solve America’s problems. That would be the end of the USA as we know it. Yeah, a really dud of a convention, dark and dirty.

AVRC Stalker

I find it amusing that the author said that the Republican Convention was well organized. There were more dead spots, spots which substituted Donald Trump’s family members speeches for legitimate and recognizable speakers, not to mention a Republican Senator speaker who failed to endorse the party’s nominee for President. You call that a good convention?

Citizen Reporter

Compared to the DNC Convention, yeah, pretty good.