Viewpoint: The Death of Shame

WeinerPressBy Michael Greer

In March New York had a public service campaign against teen pregnancy.  They put up posters all over the city with toddlers on them saying such things as,  “I have a greater chance of growing up in poverty if my Mom is a teenager” and “Got a good job? It cost thousands a year.”  Planned Parenthood came out and demanded the campaign be stopped because it “stigmatized” teenaged mothers.  Stigmatized how? We have made teenaged mothers famous on reality television. 

There should be a stigma on having babies out of wedlock.  There should be a stigma on having babies you can’t afford to raise.  After all this isn’t the dark ages.  We know how to avoid pregnancy.  There is such a thing as self control and personal responsibility.  Society should shame them for placing the burden of their mistakes on the rest of us.  There need to be consequences for bad choices.  Humans feel shame for a good reason, it keeps them from doing stupid things. 

Shame is something Anthony Weiner has never met.  As a newlywed with a pregnant wife,  he tweets pictures of his penis to young women he’s never met and then tells us someone hacked his account. He can’t say with certitude if the picture is of him or not.  Really?  Did he look at the picture before he sent it?  Was he wearing grey underwear that day?  Does he really think we’re that stupid?  Apparently so.   When it was no longer possible for him to lie about it, he resigned from Congress.  However,  a little more than a year later People magazine publishes a puff piece on him and his lovely family.  A smiling Huma tells us he’s moved past his “mistakes” and is a wonderful husband and father.  Mistakes?  How do you drop your drawers, take out your cell phone and take a picture of your erect member by “mistake”? 

Shortly after the People Magazine puff piece we learn what it was a prelude to.  Weiner announces his run for Mayor of New York.  Are you kidding?  Shortly after he announces his candidacy he says there may be more pictures out there.  He’s not sure, but more may come out.  What is more stunning is that he was ahead in the polls.  Do ethics and morality no longer matter?  So if this pervert votes the way Liberals want, it doesn’t matter if he’s the devil himself?  Really? 

And Oops, at the time People was taking those warm, fuzzy family pictures he was having phone sex with another young women and tweeting with “eight or ten, not sure how many” others.  Regardless, Weiner with no sense of shame what-so-ever, a shameless Huma by his side,  holds a press conference and admits he’s been at it again.  Does he drop out of the Mayoral race?  Not on your life.  He says the people should decide.  Well, people of New York, have you no shame?  When someone has no moral compass, has lied to your face, has betrayed his wife and child, why do you think he won’t do the same to you?  What if someone makes him an offer he can’t refuse?  He’s proven to you he can’t control his impulses. You, New Yorkers, need to shame him into dropping out.  You need to tell him his behavior is not acceptable.

At the same time we have San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sexually harassing women.  Weiner is an unethical, immoral scumbag but what he did was between consenting adults.  Filner has been sexually harassing women subservient to him and has been doing it for years.  This is not between consenting adults.  It is unwanted, demeaning and, by the way, against the law.  In the private sector he’d be fired but since he’s the top official, the one who would do the firing, he’s still Mayor.  Why aren’t the people of San Diego demanding his resignation?  What has happened to our society?  This is the real “War on Women”.  Republicans were demonized for not wanting to pay for women’s birth control but Liberals, who say they are the champions of women, support and protect men who are sexual predators.  Support and defend men who call Conservative women (wives and mothers) vile names, mock their motherhood and label them radical extremists.  

Women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are Christian wives and mothers.  Who have lead exemplary lives.  They have high moral and ethical values and believe our country would be better off holding our politicians to higher standards.  They believe in upholding the Constitution and for that they are called “extreme” and out of the mainstream.  Sarah Palin’s children have been mocked and slandered.  Have we no shame?  This is the war on women.  We need to shame those who mock and slander people who have Christian values…..something our founders believed were necessary to protect our Constitutional individual rights.

It is stunning that there are women who think aborting a full term baby is not immoral.  They have no shame protesting against any protection for the baby.  There was no shame in chanting, “Hail Satan” on camera.  The main stream media had no shame in ignoring the Gosnell trial because it would have shed light on the horrific reality of full term abortions.  Liberals fight every attempt at helping women make informed, responsible decisions.  Pro-Life supporters would like women to have an ultrasound before deciding to abort.  But Pro-Choice supporters don’t want women to see that it really is a baby.  They don’t want them to feel shame.

Am I mistaken or were the terrorists who flew planes filled with innocent people into buildings filled with innocent people, Muslims?  Was the shoe bomber Muslim?  Was the underwear bomber Muslim?  Was the Fort Hood terrorist a Muslim?  Was the USS Cole attacked by Muslims?  Were the American Embassy bombings by Muslims?  Was Benghazi attack by Muslims?  What has been the result?  We now protect and defend Muslims and demonize Christians.  Schools teach about the Muslim religion but Christianity is being wiped from the public square.  Sharia law is being honored even when it is contradicted by US law.  Recently a judge dropped charges against a Muslim man who raped his ex-wife because the divorce wasn’t recognized under Sharia law and a wife must submit to her husband.  Wow! 

We are now living in an America where our President lies to our faces every day and is never shamed for it.  The media used to shame politicians who lied but now our media protects, covers for and lies to protect the liars.  They have been caught over and over editing videos to slant the news,  ignoring news that doesn’t fit the Progressive narrative,  slandering people who are Christian or Conservative.  And even though they know they are misinforming the public, they have no shame.

We need shame.  Judeo-Christian moral values, honor, ethics, consequences, personal responsibility,  traditional family values are good things.  We can’t allow Progressives to win this war.  We can’t allow the Progressive “if it feels good, do it”, “anything goes”, “no consequences” way of life to prevail.  There are more Conservatives than Progressives and we have to stand up.  We have to stop being nice guys.  We have to boycott networks (NBC’s propaganda movie about Hillary Clinton),  businesses, and celebrities who are working for the Progressive agenda.  We need to shame them.

The death of shame is the death of the American way of life.

Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 

(edited from original with consent of author)

One Response to Viewpoint: The Death of Shame

  1. Stefan Djordjevic August 12, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    People like Weiner, because he is flawed and reminds them of themselves. Clinton was way worse than him and people didn’t just like him, they loved him.

    The answer is “yes” to your question. If someone in Congress represents people’s concerns, they will vote for him regardless of perv. status or if they are an idiot. They hated Romney and he was a goody two-shoes.

    Arnold had zero experience and had a reputation for being an obnoxious boar when he was younger, but we gave him the keys to the state.

    Most likely, Billy C. will be back in the White House in a few years.

    The concept of shame comes from religion, and we are moving in a secular direction. New generations are rejecting judgement in favor of feel good new age philosophy. The future will pit that against Islam.

    The question is whether the New-Agers will have the courage and conviction to fight Sharia when it threatens their way of life.


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