Viewpoint: “Time to think about Christ more” and “Let’s get everyone into the game with two-way conversation”




rx arial, advice sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>By Eric Zehnder

We see in both the Republican and Democratic Convention a fact:   Both parties lean heavily on Christian language, values, and principles for validation.  Both parties even mention Christ by name, fairly often.  Both parties have to dip into what Christ brought, to be able to sell their product.

We are not calling them hypocrites.  We are saying what Christ brought must be rather great because neither party has a system that can stand on its own.  Everything good needs people who have some love, principles and keep their word. 

No one trusts the word of politicians so both parties turn to someone, people trust, Christ.  If our two great political parties can’t be saved without Christ, maybe it’s time to think about Christ more.

Both parties say “Love and God bless you.”  Then they curse the other side like hell.  We see no  two-way communication.  The brand of both left-wing and right-wing leaders is  “Get big and keep the game for yourselves.”    I am appealing to a new, third group whose brand is:  “I help others get into the game.”

I champion two-way communication.  It is a lot better, if two people are involved in a conversation.  I have heard enough leaders, both Democrats and Republicans clergy and secular, who do all the talking.

The TV age did something amazing:  it made words in themselves extremely valuable.  A political script or message was now part of a show.  Lots of leaders really got their message.   If you can speak well and be part of a show, you can turn it into a lot of money and power.  I don’t deny that a good show is fun.  But the TV age made one-way talking the norm.

I am tired of speakers and conferences where the leader does all the talking and we do all the listening.  Every person has a mind and gift of language.  I believe that two-way conversation is the solid bottom of a good and just culture.

I am a writer, a storyteller, a lover of language and a mentor.  I write to invigorate the minds of people and cause them to prize and add to the conversation.

The best way to stop tyranny is to back two-way conversation everywhere you can.


Eric Zehnder, Master Builder (retired general contractor of Huntington Beach, California custom homes) is founder of Shared Visions Network and America’s most prolific writer of original sayings (25,000) and short stories (3,000).  He also was a cartoonist for the Ross Perot campaign in the 90s.


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William "Bill" Hicks

Face to face conversation is a whole lot different from the internet medium. I like to treat the internet as close to face to face as I can. Most of my internet comments end with the question…..’what do you think?” Without this, how does anyone convince another of the merit of their thoughts?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it frequently i being used. It’s a sounding board where you don’t have to listen to an opposing view, much like many current college classes. Let’s keep the conversation on the internet as close to face to face. How else will we learn?