Viva Trump Unity Rally brings 16 Coalition Leaders Together: Latinos, African-Americans, Asians Speak-Out For Trump

By Michael Hernandez

LOS ANGELES—A crowd of 200 supporters showed up in the rain Sunday afternoon at Sycamore Park in Highland Park to hear 16 coalition leaders:  Latinos, African-Americans, gays and Asians speak out for Trump at an event hosted by the Los Angeles County Donald Trump office located in Cambodian Town (2338 E. Anaheim Street) of Long Beach. There were also some entertainers and the author of “Dereliction of Duty,” who worked closely with the Clintons while in the military.

Viva Trump Rally in LA 10-30-16. Photo: George Miller/

Viva Trump Rally in LA 10-30-16. Photo: George Miller/

“On Nov. 8th, we will have a rendezvous with destiny to elect Donald J. Trump as President,” said Master of Ceremonies Victor Blanco at the opening of the event which included an invocation by Pastor Sylvester Bland, Jr., “Lord, only one party invited you in and it’s the campaign of Donald J. Trump.  You begun this good work and made us united in one spirit” as well as songs from country singer Tracy Barns and the Deplorables.

The list of 16 coalition speakers included:

  • Felix Viega playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic on his horn (California Latino delegate to the GOP Convention): “Donald Trump is God’s man to bring Him (the Lord) back in (America).”
VivaFelix Viega playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic on his horn

Felix Viega playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic on his horn (California Latino delegate to the GOP Convention). Photo: Micahel Hernandez/

  • Estella Sneider (radio and television host and “Latinos With Trump” co-chair): “I am a woman, a Latina, and a Jew that supports Donald Trump.   I came here legally from Mexico.   I absolutely love the United States of America and I have no doubt that Mr. Donald Trump is going to win.   We will succeed in bringing him to the White House.”
VivaDr. Estella Sneider Latinos With Trump co-chair

Dr.-Estella Sneider Latinos With Trump co-chair. Photo: Michael Hernandez/

  • Shirley Husar (California African-American delegate to the GOP Convention): “I tell you it is the time for the undead, for the unconscious to waken up.   Trump will correct the infrastructures of our inner-cities.    We are making a statement today.  We are Black, we are Latino, we are Asian.  California is the state of the blend, the true gumbo.   Do not let the blood of the undead be on your hands.  Stand for righteousness.“

Shirley Husar (California African-American delegate to the GOP Convention) speaks at Viva Trump rally in LA- 10-31-16.

  • Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady), “The Brady Bunch” actress and on “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics on LA Talk Radio 79): “I am here as an American citizen.  I came out of my Trump closet because of my distrust of Hillary and all the political establishment.  Hillary is like the mercenaries that she has armed, she fights on any side that pays her the most.  If you vote for Hillary you vote for special interests.   On Nov. 8th, I’m voting for American interests, I’m voting for Donald Trump.”
  • Emilo Rodriguez (former President of the Cuban American Society Club 251): “Mr. Donald Trump is going to protect and defend the Constitution.  He is the best man to create jobs, help our economy and defeat Obamacare.  Donald Trump is the right person for America.”
  • Robert Peete (minister and Black activist): “Where else can you have a Christian rally for Jesus?”
  • Lea Williams (Deputy Central California Field Director and Ventura County Trump Coordinator): “I live in Ventura County and I’m an evangelical voter, a woman voter and a minority voter.  God has chosen Donald Trump as the next President.   We are Catholics.  We are Christians.  We don’t need a pastor.  We don’t need a Savior.  We want a leader with tenacity, with enough fortitude to stand in the midst of a battle, amidst character assassination.  Donald Trump has stood.   When he gets into office (President) I believe with all my heart, he is going to go against the political corruption and lying.   He will fight for the people.  He will give the church back their voices.   In the next nine days, talk to your neighbors, not in a spirit of debate, but reach out in love.  Talk to your family, your co-workers (off the clock), go volunteer at the polls, make calls, turn out the vote.”

(L) Lea Williams (Deputy Central California Field Director and Ventura County Trump Coordinator) and Rachel Gunther, (Los Angeles County Trump Coordinator) at Viva Trump rally in LA 10-31-16. Photo: Michael Hernandez/

Deputy Central California Field Director and Ventura County Trump Coordinator

  • Nestor Moto, Jr. (Gays for Trump Coalition): “I’m here today because Americans are sick of the lies from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.   Are you happy with eight years of corruption and lies?  President Barack Obama has been a disaster for this country  Hillary Clinton is nothing more than four more years of Barack Obama.  Hillary cannot run this country.  She cannot fix government’s problems.  We need an outsider.  Donald Trump is the only candidate uniting America, fighting for you, for single mothers, for kids out of college.  Hillary Clinton cares only about herself.”

Lisa Amorim (Muslims For Trump) and Nestor Mojo, Jr. (Gays For Trump. Photo: Michael Hernandez/

  • Mike Paulus (Viva Christ, Viva Trump): “There is a spiritual battle in this country.   God can use any vessel for His Kingdom.  This imperfect man will further God’s plans.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence stand for pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom, pro-America, pro-Constitution, pro-Israel, pro-border, pro-security, pro-truth, pro-integrity, pro-law/order, pro-community, pro-responsibility, pro-entrepreneur, pro-building, pro-business, pro-imagination, pro-Trinity.”

Mike Paulus (Viva Christ, Viva Trump). Photo: Michael Hernandez/

  • Ken Davitan (“Borat” actor), “We are not for Obama Care which stands for ‘Obama doesn’t care.’ Why are we making our  enemies rich?   We need to ‘drain the swamp’ and get out the vote.”
  • Robert ‘Buzz’ Patterson (White House military aide under President Bill Clinton and author of DerelictionofdutyDereliction of Duty’):  “There is not an honest bone in Hillary’s body.  I lived with the Clintons when they were in the White House.    President Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes. This is the first time that has happened in our nation’s history.  Hillary chose to ‘stand down” during Benghazi in 2012.  We left our soldiers behind.  How can we ask our troops to serve her, if she is Commander and Chief?  How about her using her private server for classified information. This is a violation of the law.   She gets off and if I did that I would be locked up.  If she is elected, America will no longer exist as we know her.   She is evil, vindictive, unqualified.  I’m voting for Donald Trump and can’t wait for him to be our Commander and Chief.  We are going to win on Nov. 8th.”

Lt. Col (Ret.) Robert “Buzz” Patterson talks to Viva Trump Rally attendees after his speech- 10-31-16. Photo: George Miller/

  • Reatha Grey (“Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” actress): “How about that seat on the Supreme Court?”  I don’t want the person selecting the next Chief Justice to be Hillary Clinton.   I don’t want Democrats to make that decision.  We can’t afford to have (Supreme Court) seats filled by Hillary. We need to repeal Obamacare.  Premiums have gone up 100 percent.  We need to fix the Veterans Administration corruption.  We need to rebuild our military.  We need to ensure our national security by building that wall and removing sanctuary cities.  We need to keep out immigrants and refuges that do not go through vigorous vetting.”

Actress Reatha Grey Simon speaks at Viva Trump Rally in LA- 10-31-16. Photo: George Miller/


  • Delegation of Chinese Americans For Trump: “We represent 6,000 chapters nationwide.   We are not just voting for Trump.  We are getting votes.”

Delegation of Chinese Americans For Trump at LA Viva Trump rally- 10-30-16. Photo: George Miller/

  • Pastor Sylvester Bland, Jr. (internet pastor and host of “We need to make a stand.  America has a moral foundation.  Our Constitution has its roots in Judeo-Christian ethics.    The Republican Party and Donald Trump are inviting God back in.”
  • Sue Yoko Robertson (“Business Women for Trump and National Coordinator for the “Great America Movement” Super-Pac): “I’m a Biracial woman who has worked in the medical, finance and real estate fields.  I don’t support women who criticize Donald Trump.  He loves America as much as his family and each of you.   Hillary does not care about anyone except herself.  We need to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C.  Hillary has done nothing for the last 30 years.   We will see every State go red, especially our great State of California.   This is 1980 all over again.  Donald J. Trump will be the 45th  He is going to make America great again.”

(L) Sue Yoko Robertson (“Business Women for Trump and National Coordinator for the “Great America Movement” Super-Pac) and Trump LA Coordinator Rachel Gunther. Photo: Michael Hernandez/

  • John Goya (Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Republican Party): “In 1980, Ronald Reagan held my hand at a rally.  He then went on to become the greatest President thus far. Today, is another momentous day for our kids and our grandkids for families for Trump.”

John Goya (Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Republican Party). Photo: Micahel Hernandez/



Hispanic military family. Photo: Micahel Hernandez/



(L-R) Geraldine Sanchez and videographer Anthony Sanchez at Viva Trump rally in LA- 10-3-16. Photo: George Miller/

Randy Callender, a former radio station owner from Louisiana, who followed his wife out here to Santa Clarita and Jack Cummins, a Gays for Trump man from Redondo Beach, find themselves on the same team. Both seem to agree that the country is basically done if Hillary wins. Callender says that powerful forces are trying to make black support of  Trump “unappealing,” but he’s having none of that. He made a point of letting us know that he doesn’t agree with Cummins on some important issues. Both sounded politically astute enough to give most media talking heads a run for their money.


Randy Callender of Santa Clarita and Jack Cummins of Redondo Beach team up at the Viva Trump rally in LA 10-30-16. Photo: George Miller/




Unnamed LA TV station cameraman records “The Deplorables” playing at Viva Trump rally in a rainy, media-unfriendly environment- 10-30-16. Photo: George Miller/

Added by George Miller:

Of course, no Trump rally would be authentic without protesters- and it had them. About 10 stood on the road with signs early on. More joined later. When we asked why he was protesting, Romero Lopez answered “Trump.” When asked why, he said Trump wants to build a wall. Then he asked me who would pay for it. I responded, Trump said Mexico. Then he said he would be fine with the wall, if it was built on the original borders and how about Canada, too. Presumably, he was talking about during the few years after Mexico was established and before it became a U.S. territory.  Another protester said that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had broken a promise to provide drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. When I pointed to the stage and the crowd and asked him why so many Latinos were speaking and attending, he told me “they’re all brainwashed.”

Some protesters were waving Mexican flags and got very aggressive, shoving through the crowd, attempting to drown out the speakers and gain access to the stage. Rally attendees prevented that and multiple shoving matches ensued. It did not appear that either side struck blows. Finally, some nearby police removed a few protesters from the immediate area. Both sides were trading chants afterward but we observed no real dialogue. The Emcee spoke in Spanish and English on the PA system, welcoming the protesters to join the event and learn. No takers.



But most attendees at the 10-31-6 Viva Trump rally in LA were NOT protesting. Photo: George Miller/

Event Videos by Pastor Sylvester Bland of United Saints of America


Pastor Sylvester Bland



Partial event video from PERISCOPE


Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected] or by calling (818) 263-9881.


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    The link to the video appears broken?

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    Great coverage. BUT, in the final analysis, California is too entrenched with the democrat party for this to matter.


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