Vladimir Putin Takes Center Stage



By Gregory J. Welborn

Predator vs. Alien was one of those movies that only the diehards really could appreciate.  I don’t know if it’s become a cult classic, story but in the entertainment world, site that’sputin.obama where it’s stuck.  In the real world, we have our own version of the movie:  Putin vs. Obama.  No chance that this will become the focus of just a small cultish minority; the fact that’s it’s being played out on the world stage (still!!) means we all have to watch yet another installment of this movie franchise.

In response to Putin’s response to Obama’s response to Putin’s response to… you get the idea, President Obama just couldn’t let the dead horse of his foreign policy and worldview die in peace.  He had to beat that poor old nag one more time.  He rose to the occasion at the G-7 conference to instruct us that, “The United States does not view Europe as a battleground between East and West, nor do we see the situation in Ukraine as a zero-sum game.  That’s the kind of thinking that should have ended with the cold war.”  For those with a good memory, these comments echo Obama’s UN speech several years ago in which he told us, “no one nation can or should try to dominate another nation.”

That’s the alien speaking.  Alien, not in his appearance or origin (I’m not one of the “birthers” still questioning where Barack was born), but alien in his total ignorance of how the world really works and the true nature of human kind.  Intellectual and moral aliens react to international relations, crises and confrontations as they think the world “should” be, rather than as the world really is.

This is the realm of liberal ignorance and arrogance.  They do not really know human nature, but they don’t care.  Because they want human nature to be a certain way, they simply assume – or command – that it be the way they want it, and then move forward with policy prescriptions that appear eminently logical to nobody but them. Once they’ve granted the assumption – no matter how out of touch it is – their logic compels them to absurd conclusions.

putin.hatCertainly, the way liberals see the word is unique from how predators see it, and Putin is a predator.  This doesn’t make Putin unique, by the way.  The world is full of predators and full of people who are rightfully wary of them.  Most of Eastern Europe understands the ways of the predator, since they’ve lived in proximity to, and suffered under the many periodic spasms of, various Russian predators.  Eastern Europe has been, and continues to be, the battleground between the West and Russia.  No speech or pronouncement from the White House or The Hague will change that.

Perhaps President Obama was unaware of Putin’s escalation of his territorial claims, believing that Putin had been thwarted by earlier comparisons to 19th Century plutocrats.  In a speech last week, Putin went beyond the claims of Russian kinship with Crimea and leveled some historical contempt on those early Russian communists who “added large sections of the historical south of Russia to the Republic of Ukraine.”  Putin no longer simply begrudges the Ukraine its Crimean territory; he begrudges Ukraine its independent existence.

Obama’s response was to get pissy and further rile Putin with the accusation of leading “nothing but a regional power” – once again demonstrating just how alien an understanding of human nature is to him.  Does Obama believe such a comment will force Putin to cower, to rethink his predatory actions of the last several weeks?  Most of us, whether educated at Harvard or lacking a high school degree, understand human nature enough to realize how fool hearty such bluster is.

President Obama and most of those with leftward tilts in their worldview want human nature to be different than it is, want the world to be different than it is, and want America to be able to act differently than it has to.  They are blind to reality.

The reality of human and foreign affairs alike is that someone has to enforce a world order of some sort.  Liberals seek unity and peace between predators and prey, putting their hope into the thoroughly corrupt U.N.  Conservatives understand that The U.S. must enforce a peaceful world order for the alternative is a world devoured bite by bite by predators.  Furthermore, the existence of predators is not an alien concept to Conservatives because it’s been the norm of human history from the beginning.


Gregory J. Welborn is a freelance writer and has spoken to several civic and religious organizations on cultural and moral issues.  He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 children and is active in the community. 


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