Vladimir Putin tried to influence election

EditorialThe nation’s intelligence agencies – the CIA, the FBI, even the National Security Agency, have discovered that the Russians are doing naughty things. Heaven forfend! Thank heaven for the nation’s intelligence agencies. Someone should bank the fire and put out the cat. We can all sleep better tonight. The spooks and their fans in Congress and…

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Eileen Tracy

I’d like to add; I remember when the media gave up on objective reporting, so they would be invited to exclusive parties in DC. It was reported, but none seemed to care much. Now “Donald” is moving them out of the White House proper. Hope this ends their “kissing up’ and maybe we can get some decent reporting.

William Hicks

This is a “time will tell” situation with Trump as president. I am convinced that he will do well because he did better than well against an intransigeant republican primary and an uphill fight against the democrat machine. If he can get this far under his own power, then we may surely be blessed with him as president.