VOTE: What is the Most Annoying Christmas Song of All Time?



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It’s that time of the year again. December 25 is coming apace, which suggests hot chocolate, gingerbread, “A Christmas Story” marathon, street markets, Christmas trees, decorative lights … But let’s face the ruthless reality: It also means that soon it will be impossible to escape those annoying Christmas songs that most of us are profoundly sick of.

Train yourself with our finest selection of vexatious, embarrassing and upsetting hits, and help us find the most irritating one of all times with this poll.

Obviously, there are good and solemn Christmas songs. But ever since mankind discovered how easily you can sell anything with dogs, children or even women, the music industry started to produce some really upsetting abnormalities.

By hazard or on purpose, Christmas songs turned out to be the most irritating part of the holiday, and oftentimes, we have to bear them repeatedly. Extreme cases include an Austrian radio presenter, who barricaded himself in the studio to play Wham!’s Last Christmas 24 times in a row.

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