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    Voter vs the “Machine” How David Can Once Again Slay the Giant


    So many people today are asking themselves, “Why should I vote? Does it even matter?” It brings tears to my eyes and a deep sorrow that any American would be brought by circumstances to ask those questions.

    The Founders bequeathed to all Americans the most amazing governing document ever written by human hand, declaring that all living under its influence would be free from the tyranny of the majority, and self-determining through a democratic process of electing governmental representatives.

    Under that system, each and every vote matters immensely.

    But now there is clear reason to suspect the democratic process (i.e., elections) is being subverted by a myriad of methods, and true elections are being replaced by selections. One issue on the front burner of concern currently is election technology (i.e., the “machines”). Anyone paying attention is becoming familiar with the term “algorithm”, a programming of the voting machines and/or tabulators to create a pre-determined result.

    Current evidence strongly suggests that the algorithms do exist, at least in some places, and that all the machines currently in use are at least capable of and vulnerable to electronic manipulation. It is understandable the people would feel discouraged, defeated, angry, frustrated, hopeless, rebellious and more. It is reasonable to question the value of continuing to “vote” under those circumstances.

    But know this:

    IF there are such algorithms in your county’s election system, they must be adjusted throughout the tabulation period in order to appear credible and remain “under the radar”.

    The enticing opportunity to “vote early”, mail or drop off your vote by mail ballot well ahead of Election Day plays right into the playbook of those manipulating the algorithms by giving them time to do so.

    Californians have an unreasonably long period of time to vote: 29 days.

    For a period of 29 days, analysis of party affiliation and geographic location of ballots coming in produces a reliable prediction of the way the totals are trending. If the manipulators are not content with the trend, they simply tweak the algorithm time and again “just enough” to keep the totals where they want them, but not enough to raise any suspicion.

    Processing of vote by mail ballots used to begin only 10 days prior to Election Day, giving little wiggle room for misbehavior. But in 2018, the California Legislature saw fit to extend the processing of vote by mail envelopes to 29 days before Election Day in counties with the “necessary computer capability”—the vast majority (AB 2665). That, and the unceasing PUSH to VOTE EARLY gave the manipulators the break they needed to recalculate algorithms, as “votes submitted” information is available daily.

    In 2020, those counties with the “necessary computer capability” were cleared to process vote by mail ballots all the way through tabulation beginning 29 days before Election Day, and the few other counties had the time extended from 10 to 15 days pre-Election Day (AB 3370). This provided maximum time to adjust algorithms without detection.

    The 2016 passage of the Voters Choice Act added to the total election manipulation plan.

    Mail all active voters in the county a ballot (click here for explanation of “active” vs “inactive voters)

    Do away with precinct polls to distance voters from their opportunity to vote conveniently in person.

    Open vote centers for in-person voting and ballot drop-off 10 days before Election Day—a waste of taxpayer money to pay for facilities and poll workers as vote centers sit empty for 8-9 days, but creating a set of statistics by which the state will ultimately “prove” that voters don’t really want to vote in person so they can impose an all vote by mail system.

    Fail to educate voters that the first purpose of a vote center is to allow them to vote in person.

    Then fortune (or was it something more insidious?) smiled on the manipulators in 2020, giving them COVID as a ridiculous reason to rapidly advance their agenda by mandating ballots to be sent to ALL active voters in the state (AB 860). They made the mandate permanent in 2021, along with expanding the use of Remote Access Vote by Mail to anyone who asks (AB 37). Remote Access ballots are emailed to the voter, who then marks the ballot using a computer, prints it and mails it back. They are especially vulnerable to manipulation because they qualify as damaged ballots and have to be duplicated before being tabulated.

    What can we do against such a well-crafted scheme?

    The answer is simple. Vote in Person, on or as close to election day as possible.

    Voting in person means marking your ballot (paper if possible) in a polling location, and submitting it to the ballot box with no envelope or other voter identifier.

    If voters vote in person in large numbers, and hold off until Election Day, or as close to that as possible, the manipulators will have no way of knowing how to adjust the algorithms to accommodate a last-minute surge of in-person votes.

    It does not help to submit your mail-in ballot in person at the last minute. Turning in a ballot in an envelope subjects it to other types of manipulation, and the extended processing time still allows for digital tomfoolery.

    It is vital to vote in such a way that your ballot is counted the day you cast it. The only way to do that is to vote in person, no envelopes allowed.

    This last-minute in-person vote surge is the antidote to the algorithm. The recent Arizona Primary is proof of that.


    Vote in Person, with a paper ballot if possible

    Vote on or close to Election Day

    Overwhelm the algorithms

    Overwhelm the scheme


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