Voters have many Election Integrity options to protect their vote

by Chris Bailey

13 September 2021, Ventura County California 

Voting in the California Recall Election is in full swing. As the last day to vote is 14 September, pressure is on to get the vote and protect the count. All candidates want the election process to run as smoothly as possible, but if you see something that doesn’t make sense, or you believe your vote wasn’t properly executed, candidates and groups have reached out to ask that you SPEAK UP and ACT as well.

Larry Elder’s campaign has requested any voter who has an issue with how their voting experience was handled to enter your concerns into a database that was created in anticipation of voting irregularities by registering at STOP CA FRAUD 

A source at the Kevin Kiley campaign has requested that persons who have experienced voting issues to file a complaint with the Election authority of their resident County AND notify CA ELECTION INTEGRITY as well to ensure there is follow up for their complaint.


\MOVE THE NEEDLE, a PAC which is dedicated to the integrity of free and fair elections, wants all voters that witness election activities that were of concern, to report the activity to the ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT CA AND the voter’s County Election Board 

Remember that wherever you vote tomorrow that the persons at the voting center are there to assist you, and take their jobs very seriously in helping you have a good voting experience. When you have completed your vote, thank them for their civic duty, and perhaps take that leap yourself and consider helping in some capacity in the next election

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo

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Dotty Pringle

Too many choices of Republican candidates did this one in and if you do the math…..Republicans must have voted NO.‍♀️

Mike Smith

The truth is, no one will ever know exactly why this recall failed. California’s electoral fraud is so systemic and corruption-driven, it is enough to push (combination election AND voter, not just voter) beyond the margin of error.

Now did it? There exists no institutional pathway to knowing for sure inside California. What is known, is every other challenge was clearly present.

Look: California has so many bought-and-paid-for welfare Democrat voters it is near-impossible to make the state Republican again, even under constitutional conditions. Welcome to the natural ruin of mass urbanization.


Too many republican choices? The recall failed. Even if that idiot Elder got 100% of the vote, the recall vote was a resounding “no”.

Mike Smith

‘Thanks for wasting 20 million dollars to have a vote.’

What’s your problem, Floyd?

$20,000,000 is a drop in the bucket for Democrats!


Sorry, I was completely wrong…it was $250 to $300 million dollars for the recall election.


Recall failed. Thanks for wasting 20 million dollars to have a vote.

George Pattone

So what happened to running your ballot through the scanner once one has completed it, ensuring that it was processed without issue and seeing the tabulation number increase???

Today we completed the ballots and dropped them in a turquoise bag, WITHOUT running them through the scanner first , thereby creating the opportunity to “adjudicate” the ballot and flip the count???

NOT good optics after last November…