Wading Hip-Deep In the Swamp

by Phil Erwin

Last week’s big news-media scuffle was centered around the very vocal entry of “America’s Mayor” Rudi Giulanni onto President Trump’s legal team – just in time to join endless media coverage of the legal back-and-forth between the President’s camp and “actress” (porn star) Stormy Daniels, as stoked by her obligingly gabby “lawyer” (publicist.)

Supposedly, the President either did – or did not – have an affair with Ms. Daniels twelve or so years ago, and his personal lawyer either did – or did not – pay “hush money” to keep Ms. Daniels from broadcasting the story just in time to scotch the election for then-candidate Trump.

And “hush money” either did – or did not – get confused with Trump campaign funds. If so, that might be a violation of campaign finance rules – which would likely result in nothing more than a minor fine.

Note that I repeatedly used the phrase, “either did – or did not –“. I’m being accurate. The truth is, these things either did, or did not, take place; and only two or three people actually know for sure. And yet, these things were baked into a very big slice of the nation’s political-discourse pie over the last week or so.

Think about it: The two Koreas seemingly on the verge of a nuclear-free peace for the first moment in seventy years; Venezuela crumbling onto History’s famed ash-heap; Iran sneaking around working under-cover on their plan to make enough nuclear weapons to relegate both Big and Little Satans (the U.S. and Israel) to that very same ash-heap; Russia and Iran swooping in behind our ISIS-decimating forces to take control of the political reality on the ground in Syria; our southern border under constant attack by foot-soldiers (some with guns and drugs, some with babies and dreams) whose goal is to infiltrate our country and gradually take it over for their own purposes.

Call me silly, but I think we’ve got much bigger concerns than whether Donald Trump had sex with a porn star a decade before he was a candidate; whether his lawyer paid the woman to keep quiet about it; whether Trump knew about that alleged silence-contract when it was inked; whether he reimbursed his lawyer for it explicitly, or simply paid him on retainer. I mean, what the Hell does any of that have to do with revving up the economy, or protecting our borders, or handling nuclear threats, or housing the homeless, or helping the addicted, or draining an ugly, stinking, gator- (lobbyist) and snake- (lawyer) infested political Swamp?

Was the sex (if it happened!) illegal? No! Was it in the White House, or otherwise on The People’s dime, or time? No! Would a contractual silence-payment have been illegal – or even unusual for a Billionaire? No! Was Trump’s participation in the payment, IF it happened, illegal? No!

So why, then, are we talking about it?

Answer: Because Bill Clinton got caught with his more-than-metaphorical pants down.

I know, I know: Seems like a pretty tenuous connection.

But the truth is, the Left has never forgiven the Right for the fact that Bill Clinton’s shine was tarnished.

Never mind that it was Clinton’s own devilishness that sullied his reputation, even as it sullied a blue dress in the Oval Office. Never mind that the nation’s self- and world-image as an upstanding and moral society was also tarnished. Never mind that Clinton actually committed a felony – lying under oath – to cover up other indiscretions. And don’t forget to ignore that the Clintons, those self-anointed champions of the feminist movement, were bad-mouthing, reputation-trashing and otherwise demeaning an entire tag-team of lady-accusers whom Bill had abused, and Hill then strove to shame into silence, disgrace and irrelevance.

Never mind all that!

The Left has been perpetually furious ever since for having lost their White-Knight champion; and they are even more furious for having had their First Female President summarily tossed aside – and by a brazen, orange-haired lout, to boot!

The cheek of the nation, the unmitigated gall, to choose another champion! How dare they do that!

And THAT is what Robert Mueller, et al, is all about.

That whole Russia thang? What Trump and crew are calling a “witch hunt”? That ain’t no witch they’re hunting. It’s an orange-blond scalp they’re after.

And they don’t give one unholy Damn what it takes, or what it costs the nation, to collect it and mount it on the White House wall.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Swamp politics.

To listen to some drastically-overpaid news “commentators,” you’d think that it’s only a matter of time before Mueller and crew “prove” that Donald Trump had a tryst with the erstwhile Stormy, and that led directly and inexorably to the Russians throwing the election to Trump. Thus is the demise of Queen Hillary written with mythological ink in their febrile minds.

Yessir. Trump and the Russians and Stormy: Together didst they conspire to deny the Queen her rightful throne. It says so, right in that book the Queen herself wrote to explain the dastardly outcome: What Happened. I’m sure it says just that. Somewhere. ‘Cause, like, y’know… It was written by Hillary herself! So of course, she knows What Happened


Add the Stormy-Putin-OrangeMan connection to her list of 6,723 other “reasons” why she lost.

Here’s one she seems to have overlooked: She lost because she lost!

Here’s another, more useful way to see it: Hillary lost because she’s too haughty, too arrogant, too self-delusional to recognize the faults, inconsistencies, irrelevancies, illegalities and toxic internal issues that bled through to her exterior and demonstrated to half the country (the half that wasn’t Hillary-hypnotized) why she should never be President.

But almost all of the news “commentators” on the so-called “mainstream” channels and publications belong to that aforementioned hypnotized population. In their minds, Hillary had already been chosen, annointed and crowned. Being elected was just a formality.

So, of course, they (and the rest of the Hill-hypnoed crowd) just assume that Donald Trump somehow “stole” the election from her, by some nefarious hook or crook. And the only handy hooks and crooks that seem sufficiently nefarious were Russia, Wikileaks and FOX News.

But they’d already tried blaming FOX News for messing up the voters’ minds, and FOX’s ratings went up!

So they settled on Russia and presumed partner, Wikileaks. Thus, the Mueller “investigation” was born. Courtesy of Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein and the rest of the Swamp-rats at the very top of the DOJ and FBI – all facilitated by Fusion GPS, as contracted by the DNC using Hillary’s money – and starring that most unreliable of Trump-loathing FBI operatives, Christopher Steele.

The Swamp never smelled so foul.

Turns out, the Swamp is chock-full of Swamp-dwellers, who are all chock-full of Swamp-offal.

No wonder I had to hold my nose to vote for Trump. He was already hip-deep in Swamp-water.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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