Warning: 15,498 ‘High-Hazard’ Dams in America


The new American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Infrastructure Report Card (ASCE) has identified 15,498 high-hazard dams, whose failure could risk loss of life.

ASCE is appropriately holding this year’s Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) in Sacramento, California from May 21 to 25. The meeting is an opportunity for its members and infrastructure regulators to share ideas and strategies to address the growing risk of life-threatening catastrophes, exposed this winter by the failure and near-collapse of Oroville Dam’s spillway due to the dangerous combination of age and lack funding to address known infrastructure risks.

 The average age of America’s 90,580 dams is 56 years, the same age as the Oroville Dam, which the California Department of Water Resources began constructing in 1961. As America’s tallest dam, Oroville was built with what was considered at the time to be the best engineering and construction safety standards to withstand floods and earthquakes.
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anomynous teacher

In 37 years, I’ve watched the once “Golden State” turn into the “Decaying Brown State”, thanks to the radical left in Sacramento. Nothing will change without a radical shift in attention, from the legal, tax-paying, middle class workers of Cali. Persistent phone call complaints to their representatives (a very loose term) and senators, along with massive protests/ballot initiatives, is the only way to effect change. Learn to play the game the other side forcefully does, and you might just make a difference. It’s time to throw the same aggressive behaviors, right back at them. Otherwise, wait for Cali to become bankrupt. Which, is inevitable, at this rate. I pity my children’s chance of making it, in a biased and entitlement state …because they’ll just be taxed to death to subsidize the “have-nots”.

William Hicks

GEEEZ!, I thought that obama was going to lower the ocean levels. I guess he forgot about the dams for someone else to take care of.