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    Watch angry moms read ‘crap’ to school board


    Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh  WND News Center

    Confront officials with words from school assigned books

    A video has been released by the Media Research Center that shows a number of angry moms reading to the school board.

    Now the school board could have read the words for themselves, but the point the moms were making were that the words were highly offensive – and coming directly from books approved and purchased by that school board.

    The stunt came off in Loudon County, Virginia, and a report at RedState described the text passages as “pornographic.”

    The video, of course, is bleeped out numerous times.

    The blog report said, “As reported by The Blaze, a group of furious parents lined up before the school board in Virginia’s wealthy Loudon County this week to read several ‘pornographic’ passages from books assigned to ninth graders, amid a recall effort against several of the board’s members.”

    The quotes (these versions are edited), include: “Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with once in a while. He was pretty basic … but he had a big d***. And sometimes a girl just needs a big d***.”

    Are schools giving students “crap” to read?

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    And, “She sucked my d***. I didn’t really want it to happen, it just kinda did.”

    It does get worse:

    “A ‘boy — his pants around his ankles — squeezed between April’s straddled legs as she lay on top of a teacher’s desk.'”

    MRCTV said the passages were “heinous” and all from the county’s 9th grade reading material.

    There’s not just sex, there’s violence, too, with, “I grab her by the neck and start punching her.”

    A man who said he represents a group of parents in a harassment suit, the Blaze reported, addressed the school board after the reading of the excerpts.

    He asked: “By show of hands, does anyone up here want to talk about that stuff now? Not a single hand, because it’s very uncomfortable and we’re in a room full of adults.”

    He described some of the material as “crap.”

    The school board responded with a news release that reminded parents they could submit a request “for reconsideration” of curriculum materials.

    This story was originally published by the WND News Center

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    11 months ago

    This type of “trash” sex education MUST stop! I was not taught sex education at school, nor was my children, grandchildren, AND I absolutely refuse for my great-grandchildren to be subjected to this disgusting TRASH being forced upon them at school ! School boards need to realize they are there to teach basic education, nothing more! I am praying that parents rise up in all states to put an end to this for the good of their children! I, as a great-grandparent, will FIGHT right along parents to get this resolved once & for all. You school board members should be SO ASHAMED!

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