Watch out for the bond measures ahead — $503,000,000 just in Ventura County!

This June there likely will be 50 to 60 school and college bond measures on the ballot throughout the state. Under Proposition 39, education bonds can pass with the approval of only 55% of voters, not the higher two-thirds threshold for the approval of non-education measures.

For this reason it’s important to be aware of proposed local school and college bonds before they are filed to go on the ballot. For the June election, the deadline for local school bond and parcel tax filings is March 9, 2018. 

While some school bond proposals may be justified, many may be overreaching or lack adequate oversight provisions. We urge all taxpayers to monitor the progress of your local school bonds carefully and make an independent determination on whether they are worthy of your support or opposition.

Should you decide to oppose or support a proposed bond, you have the opportunity to submit ballot arguments. There are strict timelines for these, so check with your local registrar of voters for specific dates.

Local bond measures $503,000,00 bond issues just for Ventura County and not including Simi Valley, Ventura or Conejo Valley Districts which aren’t running any this year. Please keep in mind that the bond language allows the monies raised and added to public debt to be used for purposes other than what is stated in them.

Measure A Full Text Measure B Full Text Measure C Full Text Argument and Rebuttal Form 2017 Complete Fillable

For more information contact:
Richard Michael
California School Bonds Clearinghouse
Phone: (909) 378-5401

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Robin Westmiller, J.D. Chair Libertarian Party of Ventura County

VOTERS DO NOT BE FOOLED in thinking that school bond money will be used to benefit your child! By law, the millions of dollars of increased taxes can ONLY be used for BUILDINGS!

Long after your child graduates, you’ll be paying for buildings. Long after the student population decreases and schools are forced to close, you’ll STILL be paying off this tax.

Bonds are TAXES, plain and simple.

Do NOT give these school districts a blank check when we need every dime of our hard earned money to pay for school supplies, band uniforms and every fund raiser we’re asked to support FOR OUR CHILDREN!

Let’s put our money to work FOR our kids, NOT for buildings! VOTE NO on Measure A, Measure B and Measure C