WATCH: New Trailer for “Gosnell” True-Crime Drama Opening Oct 12!

The very first trailer for the new Gosnell movie was released in The Hollywood Reporter.

Gosnell is a true-crime drama that tells the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortion doctor in Philadelphia, PA who was convicted of murder for delivering babies alive in his filthy clinic and snipping their necks with surgical scissors. This movie shows the terrible injustice of the pro-abortion system that covered up Dr. Gosnell’s crimes for so long, and how good people finally enforced the law and made it end.

WATCH the trailer here:


Gosnell opens on October 12 in 750 theaters nationwide. I think this groundbreaking film is the most important contemporary movie about abortion, and it–the story of Gosnell’s victims–deserves to go viral.

You can see it early on September 8 at the “Let There Be Life Conference 2018”Film Festival at UC Berkeley if you register for this inaugural conference hosted by Pro-Life San Francisco, where I will be speaking the same day.

REGISTER TODAY and join me at Pro-Life San Francisco’s inaugural conference on September 8!

And stay tuned for more news from CMP in the weeks ahead! We have new video releases planned soon and major announcements coming up.

Together in the fight,

David Daleiden,
Project Lead

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