WATCH: Planned Parenthood had ZERO “shipping costs” to sell baby parts – Whistleblower DEBUNKS PP defense

WATCH the third video CMP released this morning with Holly O’Donnell’s whistleblower testimony DEBUNKING Planned Parenthood’s favorite excusefor selling baby body parts: that it was just “shipping costs.”

In reality, Planned Parenthood never shipped the baby parts–they just handed the freshly-aborted babies off to StemExpress workers waiting inside the abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood was paid ONLY for the number of body parts StemExpress could harvest inside the clinic each day.

WATCH the new video here:

Holly O’Donnell worked as a procurement technician for StemExpress, LLC, stationed inside some of the biggest Planned Parenthood surgical centers in northern California, drawing blood and dissecting organs from aborted fetuses, which the company bought from Planned Parenthood and then sold for profit to research customers across the country.

Holly’s eyewitness testimony directly corroborates the violations shown on CMP’s undercover videos, and the systemic criminality documented by the House Select Investigative Panel and the Senate Judiciary Committee investigations.

We look forward to reaching the public with Holly’s first-person account in this new format with more videos to release over the next several weeks.

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