Water expert challenges acceptance of report by Ventura Council

By Joe Richardson

From: (Joe Richardson)
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 9:18 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: council meeting April 24, 2017

I wish to make sure that the council is aware of a serious discrepancy from the truth in statements to the council and in a direct answer to Council-woman Heitmann concerning the 2017 Comprehensive Water Report.

The councilwoman asked if the Water Commission had approved the report as being presented to council and the staff response was yes, including a timeline of their meetings. It was clearly the intention of the staff to misinform the council.

FACT: at the March water commission meeting and after lengthy discussion by commission staff and Shauna Epstein at that meeting, the final action of the commission was to NOT approve the report but voted to receive it instead.

To date …. NO ONE has vetted the report and MANY have questioned its veracity.

We have now allowed one of the most important documents relative to the city meeting primary resources for its citizens to be voted as approved when NO ONE had actually verified its veracity and accuracy, all of which many have questioned and identified errors by both public and water commission members. Worse, this is the second round for this report in which it actually only was received (last year by the emergency drought panel, and the city council) and now this year the water commission.

I don’t know the process by which this gets corrected, but I am certainly sure that legal eagles will be willing to make a recommendation on how this report acceptance MUST be rescinded and then the steps that MUST be done to actually verify the report’s contents, and further what and how the untruthful actions of the water staff is addressed.

Joe Richardson is a Ventura resident, who teaches water science at Ventura College, was Ventura Water Production Supervisor and ran the experimental mem

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