Water in California—What You’re Really Using

  • Water in California is shared across three main sectors.
    Statewide, vialis 40mg average water use is roughly 50% environmental, 40% agricultural, and 10% urban. However, the percentage of water use by sector varies dramatically across regions and between wet and dry years. Some of the water used by each of these sectors returns to rivers and groundwater basins, and can be used again.
  • Environmental water provides multiple benefits.
    Environmental water use falls into four categories: water in rivers protected as “wild and scenic” under federal and state laws, water required for maintaining habitat within streams, water that supports wetlands within wildlife preserves, and water needed to maintain water quality for agricultural and urban use. Most water allocated to the environment does not affect other water uses. More than half of California’s environmental water use occurs in rivers along the state’s north coast. These waters are largely isolated from major agricultural and urban areas and cannot be used for other purposes. In the rest of California where water is shared by all three sectors, environmental use is not dominant (33%, compared to 53% agricultural and 14% urban).

To read the rest of the Report go to Public Policy Institute of California

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Citizen Reporter
5 years ago

Forwarded by Bob Hageman

Ah, those pesky unintended consequences!

Our reservoirs are almost dry and the Delta Smelt population had declined precipitously, now to the point of extinction!

And now, we have Governor Moonbeam slapping a new 25+% mandatory reduction in water usage on residential water usage on top of what residents have already cut back!

Let’s see, if you installed low flow toilets and showerheads, cut landscaping watering to 45 minutes three (3) times a week, as LA County has directed, and showered with friends, YOU ARE SCREWED!

Now, you have to cut back ANOTHER 25% from your already reduced consumption level or you will face fines and surcharges!

You would have been much better off keeping your high flow toilets and showerheads, watering your lawn all day long, and showering by yourself! That way, a 25% reduction at this point would be a piece of cake!

The following article points out that commercial water users will be required to cut back even more, some as high as 80% from where they are today! God forbid, if you have to use water to produce your product or service and if you had already cut back your consumption.

There goes even more businesses, people and jobs out of state!

Check it out:


Where are the desalination plants?

What ever happened to the two (2) or three (3) huge water bond issues approved by voters in the past ten (10) years?

In the time period that the State doubled its population, not a single dam or reservoir or desalination plant has been constructed thanks to the environmentalists and liberals!

What a way to run a state!

This is insanity!!!!!

Last one out, turn out the lights!

Please forward this email to your friends.

Best regards,