We Asked An Expert How Hard It’d Be For Hillary To ‘Rig’ The Election


It would be virtually impossible for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to rig the election, no rx according to professor John Gilmour of the College of William and Mary. Even though parts of the American electoral system are vulnerable to hacking, sales fraud or voter impersonation, pharmacy it would be far more difficult to alter the outcome of a national election…

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3 Responses to We Asked An Expert How Hard It’d Be For Hillary To ‘Rig’ The Election

  1. William "Bill" Hicks November 8, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Decades of mini-manipulations ignored and this professor doesn’t think that Hillary could not rig the election?

    Has anyone considered not enforcing immigration laws as a way to “rig” the system?

    Has anyone considered not providing proof of eligibility to vote as a way to “rig” the system?

    Democrats have been rigging the system for decades while republican politicians have ignored what’s obvious.

    Trump is the only candidate that has offered any relief to the “Big Rigging.”

  2. Citizen Reporter November 8, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Elections are now stolen wholesale, not retail. Examples:

    1. Make judicial rulings outlawing basic election controls,such as checking valid ID.

    2. Sign up millions of voters when they get driver’s licenses, using an opt-out method making it far easier to have ineligible voters signed up.

    3. Allow easy “provisional balloting” and don’t check them too carefully later.

    4. Bring in millions of immigrants more likely to vote your way. Give them special status. Confer Citizenship on as many and a fast as possible and on their children, even though the law doesn’t actually authorize that.

    5. Pardon many, many thousands of felons, allowing them to vote.

    6. Slant the media and education to push your ideology so that voters are trained in and receptive to it.

    7. And of course you can program voting machines to carry out your will.


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