We Will be Suspending Our Twitter Posts


By George Miller

Yes, Citizens Journal will be suspending new posts on Twitter, as long as its CEO Jack Dorsey continues his one-sided censorship of things he doesn’t like and making flimsy excuses why. He has disabled, frozen, or deleted far more than just the accounts of our President. This is the last one you’ll see from us as long as his nonsense continues.

Ref: https://patriotedition.com/trump-defeats-twitter-and-dorsey-knows-it/

We are far from the only ones doing this. While Twitter hasn’t restricted postings or banned us, they have significantly choked our distribution (shadow banning) and their behavior to others is unacceptable. We can’t make war with every organization censoring Internet traffic, but we can start somewhere. Remember the famous quote: “first they came for the Jews”?

Several heads of state have also publicly condemned the high-handed censorial actions of Twitter and other big Tech companies, fearing that it could be done to them too- most recently Mexico

The federal government should work to modify or repeal section 230 of FCC regulations which allows Big Tech to get away with doing this while they are quasi-monopolies. Barring that, only concerted consumer/business action will accomplish anything.

Censorship techniques commonly employed by these companies include restricted posting, temporary suspension (“jail”), deplatforming, demonetizing, cancellation of service and “shadow-banning”.

CJ is joining or has joined a bunch of other platforms …

We are currently on the webemailFacebookTwitter (we have suspended), InstagramGabMeWePatreonMindsParlerUSALifeSubstack  & multiple newsgroups, such as Newsbreak and Google. and now Telegram.org, too. Yes, some of them also engage in these shady practices. It appears that Gab, Parler, USALife are most free of these, some say Minds and WeMe too, but they are subject to some of these attacks by Big Tech.


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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Steve Thevenot

Glad to see men with balls and integrity still exist.


Why stop posting on Twitter? You’re irrelevant….or have you not realized that yet?


That would be because they find it fascinating to observe right wing seditionists in their natural habitat.


Good move, but get off FB too.




Good show. If enough people/companies stand up, they will get the point. Hit ’em where it hurts. It;s working very well on Faux News. Many millions are exiting Twitter. It will end up as much smaller Progressive beehive. Gloating Progressive-Socialists (like “Jesse”) still don’t get it that if and when the NWO finishes taking over, they won’t need them anymore.


Thanks a lot for not tweeting anymore. God bless.