We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny

By Brandon Smith

I have been feverishly writing lately on covid mandates and vaccine passports issues, and I’m sure most readers understand why – We are currently at the cusp of a great conflict against the powers that be; people who are exploiting the (mostly manufactured) covid crisis for unprecedented political and economic control. And when I say “manufactured”, I mean that there is no crisis, no need for mandates, no need for lockdowns and no need for vaccine passports.

We are dealing with a virus that around 99.7% of people will easily survive according to the medical establishment’s own studies and stats as well as numerous independent studies, yet, for some reason we are being bombarded with fear mongering from the media and from governments.

Why is the only solution being suggested to the general public involve us giving up all of our freedoms and medical autonomy? Why is 99.7% of the population supposed to lock down, mask up and submit to an experimental mRNA vaccine with no long term testing data to prove its safety? Why don’t the 0.26% of people that are truly at risk of dying from the virus simply take precautions or stay home while the rest of us get on with normal life? Hell, I would be fine with contributing to a fund to help support the 0.26% at risk, to help their families and help with their medical bills.

The Federal Reserve and other central banks burned trillions of dollars in stimulus measures and PPP loans to keep businesses from going completely bankrupt, and to keep jobless “non-essential” workers from starving during the initial shutdowns. But , we could have simply kept the economy going this entire time and paid a fraction of that cost helping the tiny minority of people that would actually suffer from the illness.

Yes, that’s right, I’ll say it again and again because I STILL to this day see the media and misinformed covid cultists continually claim the death rate of covid is much higher. It is not. The median Infection Fatality rate of covid is ONLY 0.26%. This is a FACT. This is the science according the vast majority of medical studies out there on the IFR. Let me repeat: The entire world is being locked down and told we have to give up our inherent human liberties because 0.26% of the population might get more than sniffles and brain fog from a covid infection. Why?

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Mike Smith

For most national government laws and decrees, ‘I will not comply!’ is the only American response. This was also the case during the Obama years.

Unfortunately, most majority-Republican state legislatures still fail to invoke the sovereign 10th Amendment right to nullification against unconstitutional laws, rulings and executive orders.

American law was made to derive solely from the Constitution — not judicial precedent.


Regarding COVID, the Opinion states: “We are dealing with a virus that around 99.7% of people will easily survive according to the medical establishment’s own studies”

Yet somehow we fail to view it as tyranny when our kid gets a chickenpox vaccine, when 99.99% of people will easily survive chickenpox.

Where is our outrage at the (mostly manufactured) chickenpox crisis?

Citizens Opinion, please PLEASE publish an article on the “18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Chickenpox Vaccine.”

Wake up Opinion readers, the tyranny must END!!!!!!


We are not all threatened with being able to do nothing much at all without a vaccine passport for chickenpox. Why are you being absurd? Chicken pox is a highly infectious nuisance among children in a packed school environment. I don’t believe it should be mandated either but it is no where near on the same scale and has not let to shutdowns of much of life. So get a grip.


What? Chickenpox is mild discomfort in children. It’s not a death sentence. Plus, many children still get chickenpox. If you had chickenpox as a kid, should you have to get a chickenpox shot on your vax passport to go to walmart? Do you know that your naturally acquired immunity will be depleted & you wont be able to pass that to your children if you did have chickenpox & then get the shot? Maybe thats what they want, 0 natural immunity, so that the only protection you get is from their shots (if they actually dont kill you). Play roulette with the shot if YOU want, but it should never be compelled on other people. I think it IS a legit concern that shots for things you personally dont need WILL be required if they get their way. Wake up & smell the tyranny. Its already here.

Last edited 11 hours ago by Oobre

Tyranny, huh?

You’re delusional or you don’t know what the word means. There are lots of people on this planet who live under tyranny. You, Goobre, are not one of those people.

Gordon Kaesemeyer

The cure for covid exists. American Biotech silver Biotics available through Amazon.com I had covid I know it works


This commenter is yet another paid troll for American Biotech. Another Big Pharma shill pumping misinformation.

So Mr. Shill, how do you know your Big Pharma “silver biotic” works?

Just because you took it while you had COVID doesn’t mean it cured you. All of the readers on this site have done their own personal research and concluded it’s Vitamin D that cures COVID. So how exactly do you know it wasn’t sunlight rather than the “silver biotic” you’re pumping that cured you?

Kay Bettencourt

This os a great factual arrival. Anyone with common sense knows this, yet many so called “intelligent” people buy right into the nonsense It shocks me that so many are willing to give up their freedom!!