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    ‘Weather Balloon’ Part Of China’s Sci-Fi-Like Game Plan?

    An international incident created by the flight of a Chinese “weather balloon,” entering U.S. airspace on Jan. 28 and transiting across the country, came to an abrupt end on Feb. 4. The balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean, within U.S. territorial waters, by a missile fired from an F-22 fighter jet.

    Two important lessons should be extracted from this incident as we accept the fact that China, by no means, is our friend. This is especially so as a second Chinese balloon reportedly is making its way across Latin America. Understanding the following two lessons is a critical step in recognizing that President Joe Biden does not, based on how he dealt with the incident. Understanding these lessons should have triggered a U.S. response to shoot the balloon down immediately upon first entering U.S. airspace rather than while exiting it.

    Beijing has acknowledged the balloon is theirs, explaining it is simply a weather balloon that meandered off course while recording meteorological data. That response provides us with Lesson No.1: When China tells us something, we should NEVER, EVER accept its word. Lesson No. 2 reinforces Lesson No. 1 by answering the question “why should we not accept China’s word?” And most telling is the fact that the answer to this query comes directly from the mouth of China’s defense minister. It is all part of a speech he gave at a secret meeting in Beijing in 2003 that memorialized China’s 21st century intentions regarding the United States.

    The speech was delivered by then vice-chairman of China’s Military Commission, Gen. Chi Hoatian, as he prepared to retire. It promoted a most disturbing foreign policy toward America that is so outrageous it sounds as if it was script material for a science fiction movie. However, as one fully grasps what Chi proposed back then and compares it to what is occurring today, the realization arises we may have already been victimized by it. We need to recognize that what may once have sounded like fiction is now reality as China is hellbent on achieving global domination.

    Chi’s speech took his audience on a long journey, via a circuitous route, building the case for China’s development as an economic powerhouse and its subsequent domination of the global community. He boasted about the Chinese people as a superior race and, as such, their willingness to make whatever sacrifices were needed to establish China as the world’s dominant power, even if it meant killing enemy women and children. He concluded the only obstacle in China’s path to this world domination was America. But Chi announced there was a final solution in the works to deal with what he called the “America issue.”

    Chi explained that China’s 21st century population growth will strain the country’s resources, necessitating the need for its people to occupy other territories outside of China’s borders. He rationalized that while regional states like Taiwan, Vietnam and others could be targeted, they would be unable to meet all of China’s expansionist needs. The country that would, however, is America!

    Before dismissing the idea as preposterous, one needs to understand how Chi envisioned accomplishing this objective as it sounds frighteningly familiar to something we are experiencing today.

    Chi discussed World War II, lauding Japan’s surprise attack against America but chiding the Japanese for lacking the racial superiority to pull off a final victory. He recognized that a 21st-century war with America would be even more devastating to both sides than World War II was and, therefore, the situation demands a final solution to cleanse the U.S. of its people while leaving the country intact for Chinese occupation. The most logical way to do this, he reported, was by using biological weapons, boasting that China had been heavily engaged in such research.

    Less than two decades after Chi’s speech, the world was on lockdown from COVID-19 – a virus that most likely was created in China’s Wuhan laboratory. If so, then the question is was its release accidental or intentional? It is the writer’s opinion it was accidental as China had yet to develop the type of virus Chi envisioned – one that was race specific in targeting victims.

    There are indicators Chinese researchers today are working to develop just such a race-specific virus. China has been seeking out data stored by companies doing DNA analysis. Millions of Westerners have been voluntarily donating samples to these companies, eager to discover their ancestral roots. But, by doing so, they provide China with an endless bank of just the kind of data it needs to develop a virus capable of targeting Caucasians. Now 93 years old, Chi may live long enough to see it happen.

    With Chinese intentions set on eliminating America’s population in its own “Pearl Harbor” attack, it is extremely risky for us to allow a “weather balloon” to float across the entire width of the country, for whatever purpose China intended, before shooting it down. Navy divers are already at work searching for the remnants of the balloon, which are believed to have plummeted into the Atlantic Ocean within a square area the size of 15-by-15 football fields. It appears the balloon was armed with a self-destruct explosive capability and, despite China’s claims it meandered off course, it did have a maneuverability capability as well.

    While described as a weather balloon, it is much more likely to have been designed for a military purpose, although exactly what remains a mystery. China has satellites revolving around planet Earth that could provide surveillance data, unless their orbits could not surveil what a “meandering” balloon could. But such a balloon is also capable of providing a delivery system for an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP), destroying electrical grids and denying users electricity for months or even years. Estimates are an EMP attack could kill 90% of Americans by starvation and societal collapse. Thus, these balloons present a serious potential threat to America, especially when Chi’s intentions concerning our country are factored in as well. Accordingly, they should be destroyed immediately upon entering U.S. airspace, not upon departing it.

    In 2019, a naive presidential candidate Joe Biden downplayed the threat China poses to the U.S., claiming, “They’re not competition for us.” He said that at a time Beijing was already working on developing a genocidal killing virus to cleanse America. Now that naive presidential candidate is in the White House, still oblivious to China’s threat to us from the dark side.

    May God help us.



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