Weekend DUI Arrest Sampling: Alcohol, Marijuana and Heroin behind the wheel in Simi Valley

Simi Valley Police Traffic and Patrol Officers encounter DUI drivers on a daily basis. Below is a re-cap of some of their enforcement activities over the past weekend involving DUI. Since Memorial Day weekend is approaching, we thought this would be a good reminder to everyone.

A 25 year-old female was arrested at 0130 hours with a .21 / .22 blood alcohol level. She had almost hit a wall after leaving the freeway. She had driven to Simi Valley from Camarillo. Booked into jail.

A 60 year-old male Simi Valley resident was observed weaving profusely. Upon being stopped, he appeared to be obviously DUI. He refused to provide a voluntary sample, so a search warrant was obtained in a timely manner and the blood sample was recovered for lab analysis. Blood results pending. He was booked into jail.

A19 year-old female Moorpark resident was involved in a collision because she “passed out.” She was examined by a SVPD Drug Recognition Expert and arrested for DUI Drugs. She admitted to smoking Marijuana and taking XANAX that is not prescribed to her. Booked into jail.

A 30-year old male was arrested for DUI Drugs. He admits he smokes “Weed” (Marijuana) routinely and feels that he has a high tolerance to the drug and can drive. Booked into jail.

A 31 year-old male Moorpark resident was arrested after being contacted behind the wheel. He admitted drinking “Jack Daniels” and using both Marijuana and Heroin. He was also found to be in the possession of Heroin. Booked into jail.

A 20-year old Moorpark resident was involved in a “Hit and Run” collision near Kuehner Drive. His blood alcohol level was .21 / .22 just after 3:00 a.m. Booked into jail.

A 26 year-old male from Mission Hills, CA was contacted driving at 95 MPH on the 118 freeway. His blood alcohol level was .07 / .08. He was booked in jail.

The Simi Valley Police Department wants to remind everyone that after more than 25 years of DUI education from entities such as law enforcement and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, people are still making a bad choice to drive while impaired. There are many ways to get home after consuming drinks or self-medicating, such as a licensed cab or other driving service.

DUI law in the State of California does not require “drunk” driving, but “impaired” driving. Driving while having consumed alcohol and/or drugs, whether prescription or not is dangerous and illegal if you are impaired.

A .07 driver (under the “legal limit”) can be arrested and booked for DUI in CA if they are impaired. We have Drug Recognition Experts, certified in the State of California looking to capture DUI drivers and we encourage our residents to phone dispatch if you believe you see an impaired driver. Together, we can save lives of those we care about, and those we don’t even know.

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