West Valley Assembly candidate Susan Shelley concedes after one day of recounts

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Disputed special election recount ended. Looks like Democrat Matt Dababneh will be the new Assemblyman for CA-District 45- Congratulations, Matt!  Very good try, Susan!

Hi, everybody,The recount is over. The counting confirmed the optical scanner totals. We counted twenty polling places and only two additional votes turned up. It wouldn’t be productive to spend more money counting the rest.Thank you for your support, your e-mails and calls, your enthusiasm, your donations, and your friendship. The press release is below.Best,



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December 9, 2013

California Assembly candidate Susan Shelley ends recount after manual tally confirms totals in 18 of 20 precincts recounted

Republican candidate Susan Shelley, who lost an extremely close race for a Los Angeles-area Assembly seat in a special election on November 19, ended a recount after one full day of counting mostly confirmed the official vote totals.

Los Angeles County workers manually tallied the votes from 20 of the 136 Los Angeles County precincts in six hours on Monday.

The recount did not address the questions raised earlier by Shelley about the number of ballots available to count. Working with the Election Integrity Project, Shelley found an apparent discrepancy of 206 more vote-by-mail ballots counted than were processed as countable.

Shelley, a Woodland Hills author of three books on the U.S. Constitution, was present at the recount along with observers from the Election Integrity Project, a non-partisan citizen volunteer organization. Joining Shelley at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder County Clerk’s offices were EIP President Linda Paine, Vice President Ruth Weiss, Chief Analyst Ellen Swensen, analyst Chuck Athas and observer Stan Huess.

Also present at the recount were Kurt Schroeder, a Republican Central Committee member from Assembly District 66, RIchard Hunter, chair of the Ballot Integrity Task Force, and three members of Shelley’s team.

The votes from twenty polling places were recounted manually, resulting in one additional vote for Shelley in a Northridge precinct and one additional vote for Democrat Matt Dababneh at a polling place in Woodland Hills. Vote-by-mail ballots were manually counted for 18 of those twenty polling places, resulting in no change. The margin of victory in the election was 329 votes.

The recount was overseen by the Division Manager of Election Information, Alex Olvera, and the Assistant Division Manager, Laticia McCorkle. Five observers on behalf of Dababneh were also present.

In addition to the manual count of ballots, Shelley and the EIP team reviewed rosters from five polling places along with rejected vote-by-mail ballots, provisional ballot information and the original materials from ballots that were remade by county workers to make them machine-readable.

Shelley challenged the rejection of eight vote-by-mail ballots that were excluded for a signature that did not match the voter affidavit, but county officials rejected Shelley’s contention that the signatures were similar enough to be from the same person across a span of decades.

“The recount today confirmed that the optical scanners tallied the votes correctly,” Shelley said Monday night. “County officials have committed to continue to work with me to answer all unanswered questions. Voters should have confidence that every vote counts. We had a very close election in the 45th Assembly District, and I congratulate Matt Dababneh and wish him well.”

Shelley’s campaign supporters paid for the one-day recount.


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