What can NRG do for our community?





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It seems to me that the biggest complaint the public has with the NRG plants is that they are ugly.  The other major complaint members of the public have is that the plants are on the beach. The biggest complaint that NRG has with their own facilities is that they are inefficient. When I moved to Oxnard in 1982, I was happy to see two power plants in town. I felt that if an earthquake struck Southern California and knocked out the power, I would still have it in Oxnard.

I could not find a beach to swim in Oxnard in 1982. I did find a beach facility in Ventura, off of Spinnaker. There was room for five cars, it had outside showers. The facility now has parking for 100+ cars with parking for another 200+ cars across the street plus a national park center.

Once or twice a year, NRG allows people on its property to help clean up the beach. I suspect, that with access closed off to the public, nesting birds are better protected, but I don’t know if that is the case.

I suspect that with current technology, power plants can be designed with smaller footprints and generate more power. I also suspect that the newer plants will be fueled by natural gas, (there is 100+ year supply of natural gas in the United States). Is there enough natural gas in Ventura County to supply the plants? Can the plants use the gas or is the sulfur content to high?

The tearing down of the NRG plants will occur.  I would like to hear more on how NRG will make their sites more aesthetically pleasing, provide more public access to the beaches and help preserve the wildlife. NRG may be a partner that will attract more tourist dollars to Oxnard and preserve the environment, while providing more power. It would be nice to know how much power NRG actually produces. I heard that the plants operate at less than 10% capacity 80%+ of the time.  Are the new plants expected to operate at least 80% of the capacity at least 80% of the time?

Lawrence Stein is an accountant and current candidate for mayor of Oxnard


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