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    What Changed?

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    By Michael Greer
    Last week ten people were killed in a Buffalo supermarket. This week nineteen children and two teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas. The Left and the media are demanding “gun control” and banning “assault weapons”. They are saying since Sandy Hook the Right has refused to take action to prevent mass shootings. They, of course, mean the Right isn’t willing to take away people’s Constitutionally guaranteed 2nd Amendment Rights. But they neglect to mention that since Sandy Hook the Left has ALSO refused to act. They refuse to consider having armed security at our schools. And let’s not forget the politicians, actors, journalists and others with access to the microphone, who are demanding our gun Rights be infringed, have armed security protecting THEM.
    But what the Left isn’t doing is to ask the OBVIOUS question…..”What has changed in our society that is creating killers”? 
    This morning before his sermon, the minister of my church mentioned that there were terrifying events this week that makes us want to hold our loved ones closer. Why didn’t EVERY minister at every church across the country trash their sermons and have the courage to ask that question? WHAT CHANGED? 
    As I listened to the sermon this morning I felt led to write this. I have the greatest admiration and respect for my pastor and I could tell he wanted to speak more about the events of the last few weeks but he couldn’t. Churches are 501 3C nonprofits and can’t speak about politics…..and there in lies one of the most destructive things that have changed. During the American Revolution it was the “Black Robe Brigade” that supported our independence and gathered men to fight for it. Our society is in a serious moral decline and our churches are silent. They tell us to trust in the Lord, but do they? 
    When I was growing up there were no mass shootings even though a higher percentage of households had guns than now. Even though our high school parking lots were full of pick up trucks with gun racks filled with guns, there were no mass shootings. High Schools had Gun Clubs, classes on shooting and caring for guns. 
    So, what changed? I would suggest the beginning was taking prayer out of schools and God out of the public square. There has been an organized effort from the Left to remove anything religious from society; Nativity Scenes, Christmas trees, “Merry Christmas”, religious Christmas music, change Christmas vacation to Winter vacation, Easter break to Spring Break, etc. In California, schools no longer allow kids to sing songs like, Silent Night, Ava Maria, Oh, Holy Night, The First Noel, etc. They have been working hard to remove benedictions and the pledge of allegiance from public meetings. Many places no longer have people swear to tell the truth on a Bible. 
    Everything that has tethered our society to reality, truth and science has been eroded. One of the worst is the lack of respect for the sanctity of life. The fact that state legislatures are passing bills that allow abortions up to 28 days AFTER birth and our churches are silent is unimaginable. Eleven states have legalized “assisted suicide”. How many are being convinced that their suicide would be best for their families as their healthcare is a financial burden? It’s impossible to believe the states that put COVID patients in nursing homes didn’t know that would result in deaths; or removing treatments like HCQ or Ivermectin; or that masking our kids and remote learning would harm our kids. We always trusted that our children’s welfare would be the priority of any public policy. We no longer can. 
    We’re now not only required to accept untruths, we are required to embrace them. We’re told there aren’t two genders, there are hundreds. Apparently, people can change their gender at will. All one has to do is “identify” as a different gender. And that keeps changing too. First it was LBGT but they keep adding letters. We all know what heterosexual, homosexual and bi-sexual mean, but beyond that I have no idea what the other dozens of genders are. People can be fired or kicked out of school for “misgendering” someone. If you can change you gender at will how can anyone know what your current pronoun is?</p>
    We once had a media that would point out the untruths and absurdities. The media no longer even attempts to be objective or unbiased. People no longer know where to find the truth about events that happen in our country or around the world. The media has slandered innocent people (think Nick Sandman), knowingly lied about things like Russian Collusion, Ferguson, Jesse Smollett, the Cuomos, BLM, ANTIFA, and just about everything about COVID. They have no curiosity about anything that might contradict their Liberal narrative. 
    One of the things COVID revealed was the extent of the war on family. For the first time, due to “remote learning”, parents discovered what our schools were teaching their children. Normalizing gender dysphoria, sex education no longer being about biology but “how to”, dozens of genders, CRT, 1619, social justice, our founders were evil, old, White, slave owners so anything good they did doesn’t matter, same with Columbus, Capitalism is bad, Socialism is good……and don’t tell your parents……they wouldn’t understand…’s our little secret, etc. 
    Through Social Emotional Learning they plan to take over the mental, physical and sexual health of our children. Many of our schools encourage children to question their gender identity while they still believe in Santa Claus. They are allowing males who “identify” as females to compete in women’s sports. They want us to accept their claim that a male identifying as a female has no physical advantage. They demand we believe what we know is untrue. 
    Then there is the two tiered justice system. Anything the Left does that is wrong or illegal is justified and shouldn’t be punished. In fact, as in the examples of George Floyd and Michael Brown, they should be honored. The BLM protests of the summer of 2020, were “mostly peaceful” and justified due to America being such a racist country. So, politicians, actors and other Lefties bailed out the “mostly peaceful” protestors who looted and burned local businesses, police stations, set up armed “autonomous zones”, and killed 25. Burning historic St. John’s church, tearing down statues of Lincoln and Washington, threatening the White House to the point the Secret Service took the President to the “bunker”, is all justified. I’m not aware of anyone being in jail that participated in any of this. And, of course, COVID mandates were ignored for these protests because, again, they were justified. 
    But the mostly senior citizens who protested the many election irregularities, illegal changes in voting laws, counting stopped, observers shut out of observing, trucks full of ballots arriving after hours, etc. are ALL “insurrectionists”, ALL “White Supremacists”, ALL “domestic terrorists”. January 6th protestors charged with misdemeanors are STILL in jail 18 months later. Examples made of them to discourage any on the Right from protesting anything ever again. When Trump was elected marauding Leftists protested through Washington D.C. and caused more damage than anyone did on January 6th. Media? Crickets. 
    Let me reminded us of what Michelle Obama said, “Barak knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we are going to have to change our traditions, our history; we are going to have to move to a different place as a nation”. All that has been done since Obama took office. Our traditions and history HAVE been changed (1619/CRT). 
    The rug has been pulled out from under all of us. The Left is working on ending the Fourth of July as well as Thanksgiving and Easter. They want nothing that honors our founding or our religion (Islam exempt). Our families under attack, our communities under attack, our values under attack, religion under attack, our culture and traditions, ALL under attack. Our trust in government, science, medicine, schools, GONE. Reality and truth? Whose truth? Yours or mine? 
    COVID showed us what the Left supports and believes in. Governors, Mayors and other politicians who demanded people be fired or arrested if they didn’t follow the mandates, attended events maskless. If they truly believed COVID was a deadly virus they would follow their own mandates, wouldn’t they? What they support is complete control of our lives. They supported big box stores (Home Depot, Walmart, supermarkets) and closed all small businesses. They left marijuana stores, liquor stores and abortion clinics open but shut down gyms, beaches, necessary surgeries, birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, etc. People couldn’t visit their dying loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes. And when none of this changed the course of COVID there has been no apology, no course correction. The Left loved their power so much they have no intention of giving it up. They are simply looking for another reason to declare a State of Emergency. Monkey Pox?
    When you strip people of their humanity and dignity, destroy their faith and trust, untether them from reality, truth and family, destroy their traditions and culture, teach them to hate their forefathers and country, create distrust in science and medicine, you are creating an unstable society. Unstable societies that don’t value life create unstable people willing to act out in dangerous and violent ways. 
    If we are to survive as a country we need to get back to our Judeo-Christian roots. We need our churches and ministers to have the courage to speak about the moral decline of our country. They need to address abortion, the sanctity of life,  the evil of a few controlling the lives of others and that our Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (property) come from God, not man. 
    May God bless and protect America. 



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