What Does Benghazi Really Mean?

By Phil Erwin

The House Select Committee has finally released the “definitive” report on exactly what happened in Benghazi.

Who? “Ben Gazzary?” Didn’t he die?

Three years of partisan wrangling over the killing of an American Ambassador and three other American patriots in North Africa, and many Americans still think Benghazi is a   character actor.

But you can hardly blame them for not taking the historic assault on an American diplomatic outpost seriously. After all, nobody in the Obama Administration did.

“It was that disgusting, horrible Anti-Islam video!” claimed ObamaCrew. “That’s why a peaceful protest turned violent…”

Right. A video nobody had ever seen until you guys started blaming the attack on it.

So now we know some truth about Benghazi. We will never know the whole truth, because ObamaCrew is still stonewalling.


Congressman Trey Gowdy

Democrats absolutely do not want people to know the whole truth. And so, as Trey Gowdy released his committee’s arduous, 800-page review, Democrats released their own politically-motivated hack-job, repeating their tired, Obi-Wan-like mantra: Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. No conspiracies, no nefarious cover-up, no Administration failures. No terrorism involved. Just a bunch of upset folks out for a stroll in the African evening. In front of our diplomatic compound. With mortars and RPGs and automatic weaponry. ‘Well, you know… It’s Africa! There might be lions

This might all seem academic, or silly, to the public; but it is anything but silly to the families of the four patriots who were representing the nation and doing the work of the Administration in a very dangerous land, and who discovered that when the bullets started flying, their government did not have their back.

And by “their government” I mean: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Because, for what may have been the first time in history, American citizens came under attack on American soil (as Embassy property is considered,) and our government stood around with their hands in their pockets and… watched.

And debated the political implications.

Here is the essence of what is now known (outside the Administration!) about Benghazi:

  1. After Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi was ousted by rebels (with NATO’s help,) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tasked Ambassador Chris Stevens with opening a permanent diplomatic “mission” (compound) in Benghazi. We don’t know why. It seems likely the compound was routing weaponry from Libya to Syrian rebels, whom Clinton wanted to arm, while Obama was reluctant.
  2. In the aftermath of Gaddafi’s fall, there was no effective government in Libya. Al Qaeda established a presence there, even setting up training camps… around Benghazi! Other Western concerns were operating there, but things got so dicey, everybody else pulled their people out. Yet, Hillary insisted Ambassador Stevens continue “operations.”       Whatever they were.
  3. And they required a CIA presence there, because there was an “annex” staffed by CIA operatives, doing… something spy-worthy.
  4. Ambassador Stevens constantly reported that things were increasingly dangerous, and begged for more security. None was ever given. In fact, security at the compound was reduced, even though the compound, and other Western facilities, experienced assassinations and explosions that year!*
  5. On the Anniversary of September 11th, a crowd of “locals” (some were imported) stormed the Benghazi compound with grenades and heavy weaponry and set it on fire. Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith were trapped; Stevens succumbed to smoke inhalation, Smith was killed. The attack was broadcast by video to the White House, where the President, Hillary and Leon Panetta were immediately aware that there was a terrorist attack ongoing.
  6. The President ordered Panetta to send whatever help was available. Then he went to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser. Panetta ordered the Military to send whatever help was available. The Military “spun up” a response effort, but no order was ever given to send them on to Libya.
  7. Meanwhile, Hillary took part in a 2-hour teleconference with White House deputies, during which the political implications of the attack were discussed.       Helping the Americans still under attack was not their focus. Political “spin” was. Then Hillary sent an e-mail to daughter Chelsea informing her there was a terrorist attack and… went to bed? We don’t know. She won’t say.
  8. Meanwhile, at the CIA annex, two ex-Navy Seals got blown off a building, and others were seriously injured, while they waited for the Cavalry to show up. Which it never did. Because nobody was really in charge, nobody cared enough send help. The President, Hillary and their minions all shrugged their shoulders and focused on preventing the attack from interfering with Obama’s re-election.
  9. The White House minions cooked up, embellished and perfected a story that the terrorists were an angry crowd responding to an “insulting” video. The Administration spent weeks and months selling this deliberate lie to the nation, the world, and the families of the dead patriots, aided and abetted by the entire Democrat Party and the Lapdog Media. They even went so far as to dig up the maker of a cartoonish anti-Muslim video and have him arrested in California to support their lie. (He spent an entire year in prison, the victim of ObamaCrew’s need for an unassailable scapegoat.)

To call Benghazi a “tragedy” is to fundamentally misunderstand what happened. Benghazi was a monumental dereliction of duty, an absolute abdication of responsibility, and a deliberate conspiracy to re-write history to cover lying, cowardly backsides.

And four years later, they are all still lying their asses off about it. Nothing to see here. Move along… These are not the ‘Droids we want…

This is the kind of national “leadership” the Democrat Party stands firmly behind. This is the incompetent, cowardly, unprincipled and immoral political class the “Mainstream” media protects, champions and celebrates.

If that’s the sort of government you want running your life, your country and your children’s future, then by all means, vote Hillary and her Democrat cohorts into another round of disastrous public “service.” Give them more opportunities to evade responsibility, hide the truth about it, change history, and betray your nation’s future by ceding power and control to the UN, the EU, Iran, Putin’s North Korea, China, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the “global community.”

Then sit back, crack open a bottle of wine, and watch how fast your country, and the world as you know it, disintegrates.

Hillary during her Benghazi Testimony - dereliction of duty

Hillary during her Benghazi Testimony – dereliction of duty

* To say that Hillary “refused” Stevens’ requests for security would require some evidence that she actively denied his requests. Maybe that’s buried in those 30,000 “private” e-mails that she deleted. Maybe her staff didn’t bother forwarding his 600+ e-mails  because Hillary was too busy with Chelsea’s wedding. Or maybe Hillary just ignored the desperate pleas of her “friend.”


Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

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