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    What do Google, Pokemon Game, and Surveillance of Children have in common?



    By Dan Reynolds

    Well, it turns out that everything that comes out of Google isn’t for the betterment of our society but in fact in betterment of those who like to track children!

    In our society here in the United States of America we somehow say its ok for scientists and pedophiles to monitor children. Some pedophiles in our society have been sent to jail only to be allowed back into work for prominent companies. But when is it ok and when is it not ok for the CIA to fund Google to develop a game that tracks a child’s movement or in this particular case use the game to develop a way to get a child or an adult to do what the child or adult would not normally do?

    In this documentary below, Facebook admitted to Australia that Facebook developed a way to use subliminal messages to get the user to go buy something without the user knowing.

    So lets talk a bit about surveillance and what is ok and what isn’t ok by asking questions: Is it ok to have cameras every where to record what we do to catch a thief, or murder, or a crime?  

    Is it ok to have the phones tapped to record our most private intimate discussions that could be used by a perp to blackmail anyone?

    Is it ok to take photos of children on their school grounds without parents consent, schools consent, or child’s knowledge?

    Is it ok for a third party company to build a game that can not only monitor a child’s movement but to also take control of a child’s thought process to get the child to do anything the company wants without the parents knowledge, participation, or consent?

    What is right and what is wrong here in the name of capitalism?

    Where is the line crossed from doing something in the name of science? Is it ok for scientists to do these crimes for the health and safety of our society vs. controlling our society and getting humans to do things they would not do willingly, or to purchase items the person does not need or want?  

    Is this subliminal messaging/mind control just another form of slavery?

    In this case is this just another form of Pedophilia?

    So what I ask is for you to watch this documentary and decide on behalf of yourself and your family if what is going on is ok…or not ok…and why ! If you do not like what is being done in the name of Capitalism or social controls then I strongly request you write letters to class action attorneys, consumer watchdogs, State Assembly, State Senators, House of Representatives, Senators, and yes, our President of The United States of America!  

    VPRO Documentary

    Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism

    Youtube: 50 min.

    News Articles Regarding Pedophiles. So these articles below are talking about pedophiles being hired by companies to work with kids which is not ok…then in the same genre why is stalking our kids by tech firms ok via facebook, google, cell phones…etc.?

    Dan Reynolds resides in Ventura County

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