What is “Operation American Spring?”

By Skye Blue

It is a mass protest that starts on May 16 in Washington DC. It cites crimes committed by high officials (of both major parties), demands their resignations, special prosecutors and new elections. Adherents say that they expect up to 1-10 million people and at least some will stay as long as it takes to effect change, as the “Occupy” movement did, but in a more peaceful, orderly manner. In fact, some Occupy people are said to be participating.

May 16, 2014 – ???


The movement name sounds vaguely ominous. It is no accident that “Spring” in that context evokes the Arab Spring movement, which was intended to free some nations of totalitarian secular oppression, but succeeded mainly in substituting theological oppression. However, they have vowed to make this a peaceful event.
The movement’s head, retired Col. Harry Riley, a Florida activist, has always supported rule of law and peaceful activism and this project is no exception. A look at his web sites, such as http://patriotsforamerica.com will show that. But they do not intend to be pushed around. His team has looked at the successes and failures of protests in the  last five years and concluded that they need focus on calling out the criminals, naming their crimes and demanding removal. Crimes include willful, repeated violations of the Constitution and even treason.
When asked why not wait for elections and throw the bums out, organizers merely smile, point to past results and cite a litany of electoral problems, including poorly informed voters, biased media, outright fraud, selective enforcement of laws, campaign finance problems, lobbyists and more. I was also told by two organizers to pray for OAS’ success and for our nation.
They do not expect guilty officials to step down on their own, but instead intend to raise consciousness of people to make them aware that they’ve been “had.”
My own research suggests that far fewer people will show up than organizers hope. The numbers seem wildly optimistic, but just the fact that it is happening at all is a hopeful start. Pray for it and even help, if you will. Our so-called “leaders” of both big, corrupt parties have let us down big time. Time for the people to be heard. Big media won’t allow that, of course, so some of you might put in a little overtime to get the truth out.
Some sources on both sides of the political world are suspicious of OAS’ intentions and even unintended consequences, warning that it is “unconstitutional,” constitutes “mob-rule” and even “terrorism.”  Others warn of a “false flag” event to discredit the movement, overreaction by law enforcement authorities, or rash actions by fanatical supporters. We’ll know very soon.
this section updated May 16
Organizers provided this event information web link: http://www.oas2014.com/ and more: http://yln.tv/ , http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/47640489    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/47634230

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Skye Blue is a Ventura County activist, headed to OAS at month-end for a tour of duty.

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