What Price, Truth; What Cost, Lies?



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By Phil Erwin

A year ago, I wrote that we’re sensing our world going straight to Hell in the proverbial Handbasket. The only thing that’s changed in the intervening months is the speed with which we are approaching that dubious destination.

The wheels are coming off the national bus. We all know it; we can feel it. And the news gets dicier every day.

Yet tonight, the man we call “Commander in Chief” will stand before a joint session of Congress and arrogantly proclaim that “The State of our Nation is Strong, and Hey, guys! Things are getting better every day!”

Or words to that lying effect.

I personally think a far more accurate title for Obama would be: Prevaricator-in-Chief.   He is easily the most polished, professional prevaricator we’ve ever endured as President.

Not that we haven’t seen a few pretenders to that dubious honor.

How do we know we’re Hell-bent and Handbasket-bound?

Let me count some ways:

  1. Two years ago, Obama pooh-poohed ISIS as “the JV team” and insisted he had those pesky pests well in hand. Now they have territory, a capital city, taxes, oil revenues, their own munitions factory, and better PR than Obama’s White House.  
  2. A guy in mid-Eastern garb walks up to an idling squad car in our founding city and sprays the occupant officer with bullets. Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner informs the press that the shooter announced he pulled the trigger “In the name of the Islamic State.” Seconds later, the silly Philly mayor contradicts, insisting the shooting “has nothing to do with Islam!” Talkaboutcher epic stupidity.
  3. Hillary proclaims daily that her e-mail habits were perfectly OK, nothing to see there, certainly no classified stuff going on! But thus far we’ve seen hundreds of classified documents disgorged from that completely insecure server. Remember: These are only the documents she did not scrub from her server.   No one outside of the FBI knows, at present, what secrets the thirty-thousand deleted ones may have contained. But she wants you to trust her with our national secrets.
  4. Our President virtually ignores the massacre of 14 souls in California by Muslim Bonnie-and-Clyde wannabes, and insists repeatedly that Our most pressing national security threat is “Climate Change.” Somebody needs to inform the President that the climate is always changing – has never not changed – but the execution of American citizens by religious-fanatic immigrants and their deluded spouses is a new, and fairly concerning, phenomenon.
  5. The President proudly proclaims he has “guaranteed” that Iran will Never-Ever-Go-Nuclear. (Well, not for a few months, anyway. That’s worth a hundred-billion-dollar ransom, isn’t it? Oh – And that “hydrogen” bomb North Korea just exploded – their fourth detonation since their own Never-Ever-Go-Nuclear guarantee?   Don’t worry, that wasn’t even an H-bomb. Just a run-of-the-mill A-bomb. Hiroshima-size. You hardly even notice it. On the Richter scale. Don’t stand too close, though…)

You’d think they would try a little harder, make their lies at least a little more inventive, more believable… Except they don’t think they need to bother. ‘Cause we’re all too stupid to figure it out.

You know that’s what they really think.

Otherwise, their lies wouldn’t be quite so obvious.  

But some lies are more insidious, more obscure, more deceptively inviting. Those are the lies that pave the road to Hell.

Tonight, the President will undoubtedly tout the 2.7 million jobs that have been “created” during his Administration – as if he, himself, was responsible for their creation. (Jobs happen because of the decisions of a multitude of employers – decisions that can be either bolstered or impeded by government.)

Wow… 2.7 million!! Seems like a lot of jobs, doesn’t it?

Here’s the reality – and for this tidbit of Truth, I am indebted to David Stockman, President Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget:

Most of the jobs lost in recent years were high-paid, highly-skilled “breadwinner” jobs in manufacturing, mining, energy and technology. The jobs gained back have been mostly low-skilled, low-wage jobs, in such sectors as service and government. The benefit to the economy of such low-return jobs is only a fraction of the value of high-wage jobs. (A $20/hour bartender generates much less economic activity than a $60/hour welder.) So even if we had lost only 2.7 million jobs, the 2.7 million we’ve gained back are not nearly economically equivalent.

So while the Administration touts a “blowout” of 292,000 jobs created last month as indicating the economy is lifting off (finally!) – the reality, according to Stockman, is that we have 20% fewer “breadwinner” jobs than we had when this century dawned, 15 years ago!

(Oh, and by the way… That 292,000 number? 181,000 of it was “seasonal adjustment,” which means: Fictional jobs. There were only 11,000 actual jobs created last month.)

That is why the numbers don’t match what we on the street feel about the economy. Numerical fiction doesn’t match perceived reality.

Progressive politicians predicate their careers, and bet your nation’s future, on oft-repeated “truths” manufactured out of whole cloth: The Islamic State isn’t Islamic; terrorists aren’t bad people, it’s the gun lobbyists that kill; babies aren’t really alive in there, it’s not murder if they’re not crying yet.

Hillary’s widely experienced because she’s flown on airplanes. A lot.

You gotta trust your gut. We are on the decline, and it is the “progressive” policies of the Obama Administration that are polishing the skids. National bankruptcy, moral decay and cultural succotash are the Progressive prescription for “Going Forward”, for “Moving On.” They’re fine with killing babies and saving the bathwater. They want to run the country, but only to run it into the ground. They don’t believe America is worth saving, so why should the decline bother them? Their motto is “One World,” which means “No Borders.” Their political ideal is the UN, a collection of useless bureaucratic gasbags sucking up resources and spewing out idiocy – A fine example to follow.

So, how does that seat in the ole Handbasket Express feel? Comfortable? No?

Well, no matter. We don’t have far to go…



Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He sometimes wishes he could support Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies, and is none too fond of Statistics. If his writing depresses you, he recommends you visit Chip Bok’s site for a more lighthearted perspective.

One Response to What Price, Truth; What Cost, Lies?

  1. William "Bill" Hicks January 12, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    “cause we are too stupid to figure it out.”

    Well, a case could be made to the accuracy of that statement. He was first voted in on a vision of “Hope and Change.” I can understand how someone that had high hopes for a trans-racial president was what they would get from a bi-racial president.

    Once that failed to materialize, it took little effort to elect the obvious liar to a second chance to radically change what the United States is. Yet, that’s just what happened; so yes, we are too stupid to figure it out.


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