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    Setting Brushfires of Freedom by Don Jans

    What Really Needs to Be Fixed



    By Don Jans

    More than two-thirds of U.S. voters say that democracy in the country needs to be fixed, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll conducted in the lead-up to the November election.

    Sixty-nine percent of registered voters in the survey said democracy in the United States needs to be “fixed,” while 31 percent said democracy “is working the way it was designed to.”

    What really needs to be fixed is the citizens of the United States understanding who the United States was intended to be and what the United States has become. The United States was never intended to be a Democracy. Our founders said that democracy was nothing more than mob rule and correctly stated that democracy is in fact a dictatorship, a dictatorship of the majority over the minority that quickly becomes a dictatorship of the few over the many. The founders were absolutely correct. They were not clairvoyant but had studied history.

    History showed how majorities would deny essential rights to people who disagreed with them. As more and more rights were denied it allowed fewer and fewer people to comprise the voting majority until the few had control over everybody. We are seeing this advocated by the left today as they deny essential liberties to those who disagree with them. The left is seeking to limit the essential rights of religion speech, and assembly, while controlling the press which is destroying a free press.

    Our citizens are now being taught that the very concepts that are so essential to a free society, those concepts that were enshrined in our Constitution, are no longer taught as the essentials for freedom but are being demonized as racist, sexist, and all the other terms used to demonize our founders and those of us who believe in freedom, liberty, and individualism or the basics of our founding.

    Our founders wrote our Constitution with the intent of protecting the citizen from the inevitable tyranny of government. This is why we have separation of powers in the three branches, why we have checks and balances on power, why we have the enumerated permissible powers granted to the federal government with all other powers being relegated to the states and the people, why we have named specific rights and liberties that cannot be abridged in any way and then in the 9th amendment state that all the rights and liberties of the people could not be named and so the protection extends to those not named as well, and why we have a legal system where the burden of proof always falls on the prosecutor or the state and not on the defendant or the citizen.

    Our founders feared the tyranny of the majority so much that they allowed direct election by the people of only the House. It was later that we amended the Constitution and allowed the direct election of Senators per the 17th amendment. They specifically implemented the electoral college to ensure that all sections of the country, big states and small states, industrial states, and agricultural states, would have an impact on the one person that was elected nationally, the president.

    Our founders clearly recognized that a democracy is a form of government that is susceptible to emotion. They thought a government that was based on reason would be more free and would survive the danger of emotion, and thus they made us a republic.

    Our citizens, even many who are Freedom Loving American do not understand the basics of our founding and why so many safeguards were implemented against the tyranny inevitable with a democracy. We are witnessing democracy in our streets today. We are witnessing democracy in different parts of our government today, and we are understanding the true evil of democracy as we witness one of our major political parties continually advocate we transform to a government based on emotion and not on reason.’

    Don Jans is a national acclaimed author and speaker.  He is also a lifelong student of history, with a special emphasis on Russian history.  His study of Russian history led to 1917 which led to the study of the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  Don has written five books on the topic of Collectivism (Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism). 

    Don has been a guest on numerous nationally and regionally broadcast radio programs.  He is a weekly guest on a nationally broadcast radio program where he discusses collectivism and how it is impacting the United States, relating current happenings to the collectivist agenda.

    Don has spoken to numerous groups across the nation on the topic of who and what is the United States and who and what is collectivism. The collectivist movement has called for a transformation of the United States. What is critical for all to understand is what is the transformation; what are we now and into what will we be transformed.  

    Don’s speaking approach is the same as his writing approach, and that is to be direct and straight forward with no regard for the current mandated approach of political correctness. 

    Samuel Adams said, “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” If we are to remain free, we must be about setting brushfires of freedom.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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    Happy Realist
    Happy Realist
    2 years ago

    The Electoral College needs to be extended to all national House and Senate elections — not just the presidential ones anymore.

    America is a REPUBLIC, not a ‘Democracy’.

    The big blue city-machines threaten to reverse this reality. Every single one is a strategic problem needing a strategic solution. No helping them!

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