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    By William Hicks

    Stop and consider all the politicians that have cost our nations economic future and health by becoming overly dependent upon China. Name all the businesses that have outsourced to China for their cheap sometimes slave labor. It would be different if what has been outsourced was just things we could choose to do without, if necessary, but it includes many medications we are dependent upon for our health; things that we used to produce on our own shores. How do we get back to a more self sustaining economy?

    It doesn’t just end at the federal level. Consider the demand for “affordable housing.” It’s a State, County and City issue if you live in California. And what makes housing affordable? Supply makes housing affordable. I can tell you that in the 1970’s I moved to Newbury Park from The San Fernando Valley, not for “open space” but for an affordable house. You may ask how affordable housing has anything to do with COVID-19. Let me analyze this for you.

    As a citizen of Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park I keep track of how our City Council Members approach the alleged affordable housing crisis. They have chosen to mix zoning with attached wall businesses and housing. With the Carona Virus being a concern for crowded places humans occupy, I see that as a potential environment where disease, not just corona virus, for future populations. Thousand Oaks has approximately 30% of its property designated as open space. Wouldn’t it be a healthier environment for future human populations if housing were developed with detached wall housing communities by utilizing some of that open space for housing? It doesn’t stop there. How about the desire of State, County and City for public transportation where people are packed in public transportation vehicles for their daily lives? Thank you, I prefer my car for that.

    In short, expanded government is not the answer; It’s the problem.

    Editor’s Note: This is an opinion article.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    William Hicks is a long time resident of Newbury Park and is retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District

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