What To Do When FEMA Comes Knocking….

Knock, Knock… Who’s There?

Many of you wrote to me this week with concern about the government coming knocking at your door to force the vaccines.

Remember, YOU have authority over your body. Period.

Do not let the tyrants steal your peace of mind!

They bank you people being gripped by fear.

I have some (snarky — some sincere) ways to fight back!

My legal team is forming and we are selecting the exact right legal representation to hold these public servants to account.

The law is clearly on our side. The video above explains the laws that are being violated.

Thank you to those who are able to help us raise funds for the fight!

Read about the action, view the videos, and contribute to the legal fund here:

How to help me fight

Please watch the video below for details



PEGGY HALL, Founder of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, is a national leader in the freedom movement and is dedicated to “breathing life back into liberty.”


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Source: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/
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Stu Hoffman

Remember, YOU have authority over your body. Period.?? Don’t we hear women saying this too?

Happy Realist

What do you do when FEMA comes knocking?

Don’t open the door; do not communicate with the knocker.


Excuse me, but who exactly has had one of the vaccines forced into them by the government? Can you list ten people in Ventura County who had FEMA force a shot in their arm? Can you point to one person?

Please don’t work yourselves into a frenzy again.

Carla Bonney

here is a real twitter follower of mine…and real life after the “jab”

I just got off the phone with my cousin. Her best friend has passed away due to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. He was only in his early 40’s!

C E Voigtsberger

Assuming that the figures presented publicly are correct which is a big stretch, and that roughly 500,000 people died of CoVD, that is the same death toll from the 1917 influenza epidemic which featured no governmental mandates for mask wearing, no edicts from petty dictators about what businesses could or could not do and much more limited medical capability with a significantly smaller population than the country had in 2020 AND, probably a more accurate count of how many folks were in the country at that time as opposed to currently where the federales have no idea how many people are actually within our borders.

With that background, are we to assume that CoVD is something akin to the Black Plague? One would gather that listening to all the media breast-beating and hand-writing with politicians and lifetime bureaucrats uttering first one lie and then another and another until finally admitting yeah, they lied but it was for our own good.

So somebody comes to my door and wants to know if I have had my sheep dip session. I hope I am in a reasonably good mood, otherwise I have been known to be extremely rude to uninvited folk on my property asking me question that are none of their d-d business.

Carla Bonney


Erlich King

This deserves everybody’s attention.

Susan Long

Is it legal for a business to mandate the vaccine for someone to do business on their grounds? I do a farmers market on hospital grounds, we were told last week we have to show proof of the vax or no longer do business there.


Yes, I believe it is absolutely legal for them to require you be vaccinated to do business or even be on their property. Especially on HOSPITAL grounds.

C E Voigtsberger

I frankly would tell them to stuff it. Enough folk tell them to do similar and they will change their tune. Of course, there are so many sheeple in VtaCo that the chances of that happening are probably slim and none. Doing business is a two way street. I don’t like your policies, there are lots of other opportunities around. Fortunately, still no one with a rifle and bayonet is forcing me to do business with you if I don’t agree with your policies.

Minnie P Etheridge

Minnie P

Grand Catsmama



From what I gather the right wing plan is to do absolutely nothing on Covid. Against masks. Against vaccines. Against social distancing. Just go on living and do nothing. Pretend it is not there.

And those people actually think they are qualified to lead this country?


Erlich King

Yeah Bill something that’s less lethal than pneumonia. I’ll take my chances genius.

Carla Bonney

right. young people have little consequences from the Wuhan virus…and a shot that hasn’t been fully approved that may have lifelong consequences…shouldn’t be encouraged as “safe” I can supply evidence of many cases where the shot has killed, or harmed youth by blood clots or enlarged hearts.
And older people…if they are in good health, it tends to not be any more detrimental than yearly flu or pneumonia. I have never received a flu or pneumonia shot, and won’t. But, I believe you can take any shot you want without having it forced.

Last edited 6 months ago by Carla Bonney