What to expect from Bernie’s Thursday Ventura speech

ColumnLogo-1By George Miller

Two “rock stars” have emerged from the 2016 Presidential campaign. Donald Trump, of course, is the leading superstar, sucking all the oxygen out of the room at Republican events and media reporting. But Bernie Sanders has an unparalleled cult following, especially of young people, who will have to live with the consequences of presidential decisions longer than older Americans.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are both barnstorming up the coast of California this week. This is astonishing. California is not usually a factor in Presidential primaries, but this year is very different. Two “outsider” candidates are challenging the establishment for the Presidency, with very different ideas. Neither Democrats nor Republicans yet have a candidate with a majority of delegates, so California is definitely in play, making it the most exciting presidential campaign in anyone’s memory thus far. You will have a chance to see/hear insurgent Bernie Sanders in person at Ventura College on Thursday (see announcement below).

Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead in delegates, especially Superdelegates, which give her what appears to be an unstoppable lead which could take her into the Democratic national convention with a commanding first ballot win. But Sanders has done well, winning in numerous states. Although he has virtually no chance in getting a majority of delegates going into the convention, he is intent on using his candidacy as a “bully pulpit” to move the Democratic Party Debate and platform in a different direction. There is also an outside chance that the Clinton candidacy could melt down, as a result of her own corruption and incompetence, being pushed hard by her opponents and seemingly slow-walked by the Obama/Lynch Department of Justice.

Now, I’ll admit I’m not buying most of what Bernie is selling. This is a guy who got thrown out of a commune for not working, was on welfare before he got elected to a steady paycheck and promotes what many call a form of Communism, or at least the principles of hard-core card-carrying Socialists.

However, he also has some really good stuff, too. An engaging speaker, with good passion and timing, Sanders, or “The Bern”, as supporters refer to him, has drawn a bead on some highly objectionable aspects of modern life.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here is Sanders’ 5-22-16 Vista Ca rally speech:

He actually raises some good points about the downside of trade agreements (as does Trump), true unemployment rate (much higher that 5%, again agreeing with Trump), establishment politician liars (ditto Trump), Wall St/bank bandits (agree on at least some points with Trump). He wants to clean up Wall Street, throttle back destructive trade deals, raise the minimum wage to $15, allow what amounts to amnesty for illegal immigrants while giving them free college and health care for illegal immigrant children, ease the pain of student loan debt, ease laws on some recreational drugs, 

But then he gets into his income redistribution and hyper-spending/free stuff, “right” to healthcare, class warfare, racial quotas, along with open borders. Although he is running as a Democrat (for the first time), he calls himself a “Democratic Socialist,” to ease the shock of America being asked to vote for, well, just a “Socialist,” which is what he really is.

There is a downside to Sanders’ ideas and associations, which both supporters and opponents need to be aware of, addressed in this video ….


Event announcement and signup:

Bernie Sanders- A Future to Believe In Ventura, CA on 5/26

Bernie Sanders- A Future to Believe In Ventura, CA on 5/26

THE DETAILS A Future to Believe In Ventura, CA on 5/26 OFFICIAL EVENT Join Bernie Sanders for a rally in Ventura, California. This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Admission is first come, first served. https://go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/rally/gpgw5t

George Miller is Publisher of Citizensjournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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William "Bill" Hicks

As a republican I see two things here:

1) What I don’t see are Hillary For President bumper stickers as much as I see ones for Bernie in California.

2) I LIKE THIS. There’s little doubt that Hillary has cooked the books in her favor in this election. After all she owes a lot of people for their generosity to The Clinton Foundation and she will pay the price that Bernie isn’t beholden to. In the meantime, Bernie is really wounding her in the primary, and I prefer a wounded Hillary come the general election.