What We’ve Achieved…

Govt. Spending


By Buck McKeon

With all the frustrating gridlock in Washington, it is important to remember what we’ve achieved in our battle for a more effective and efficient federal government:

• For the first time since the Korean War, total federal spending has gone down for two years in a row.


Chart Key:
 – Transfer to state and local
 – Federal direct spending
 – State direct spending
 – Local direct spending

(chart inserted by CJ Editor doesn’t quite support that.  More.  McKeon Voting Record.)


• The most significant spending reductions in modern history – more significant than Ronald Reagan and more significant than Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.

• The Budget Control Act (BCA) was the largest spending reduction bill of the last 25 years (and perhaps ever) – $630 billion in savings over five years all from the spending side.

• The BCA was the largest deficit control bill since 1981 not to contain a penny in tax increases.

• Successfully protected 99 percent of Americans from a tax increase on a permanent basis, and ensured that almost all of the Bush tax policy was made permanent, including the death tax and lower rates on capital gains and dividends.

I will continue to keep you updated on information and developments coming out of Washington.




Congressman Buck McKeon represents the 25th District of California. He is Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.– http://mckeon.house.gov/

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