What’s wrong with this picture? Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 


Ironically on this very day there are many people romanticizing and promoting suicide both in the United States and throughout the world. They are dedicated to overturn the laws that protect the emotionally vulnerable from taking their own lives or what is even worse, that protects them from third-party ‘assistants.’

Instead of counseling and caring for a suicidal individuals, these new legalized ‘assistants’ are authorized to facilitate the lethal use of medical poisons. In some cases these people are direct heirs of those killed. We believe “assisted suicide” is the most callous form of suicide, and the most preventable.

The assistant is the only person given something by assisted suicide laws. They are free to walk away without any investigation or questioning by authorities.

The vulnerable individual is simply dead.

On World Suicide Prevention Day we need to remember that ALL suicides are a very bad idea. We need to intervene to comfort and care for those tempted to end their lives, and get to the real root of their emotional request.
Seniors Against Suicide fights both suicide and the legalizing and promotion of assisted suicide. In California we are part of a larger coalition against the practice of suicide and state-sponsored, third party-facilitated suicide which was recently passed into law.

We support the court challenge of the California law now taking place and will be participating in several important endeavors to protect the vulnerable while the law is in effect.

On World Suicide Prevention Day we remind Californians that suicide is never a good thing, and that there are always better answers to that individual’s perceived, “need to be killed.”

Stop Assisted Suicide

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