When A President Becomes A Threat to the Nation

A president that can’t lead the nation projecting strength, stability and normal cognitive capacities, becomes a real national threat that pose an existential gamble to the country.


By Dr. J. A. Viera

Oscar Wilde once said that “with age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone”.  Probably he thought that despite the fact that wisdom is essentially a byproduct of daily life experiences, some people just never learn.  

 Generally, it is true that good judgement comes with age, since living longer expose humans to more experiences, which are expected to strength their judiciousness.

 Nonetheless, wisdom that comes with age shouldn’t be equalized to cognitive sharpness. As we grow older we lose something. Sometimes more than just something.

 It is well known that age is the leading risk factor for many brain dysfunctions.  Science now comprehends that disorientation and confusion, changes in language and communication skills, alterations in thinking abilities, diminished attention and concentration, poor judgment and reasoning proficiencies leading to bad decisions, as well as significant memory loss, are symptoms of neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Lost sense of initiative, inappropriate outbursts of anger, repetitive statements or movements, occasional muscle twitches, groaning, loss of mobility or motor skills, and staring like being lost in space, are additional signs of neurological problems.

Living with dementia is certainly not a pleasant experience. But, being impaired by that condition, although of personal concern, does not jeopardize national security. Nonetheless, when executives with almost unlimited powers, like our president, start showing noticeable cognitive declines, then we have a potentially dreadful scenario, since that person takes decisions that can jeopardize the well being of the whole country; even its survival.  

That having been said, there is a question that require to be answered:  Does president Biden show symptoms associated with neurocognitive deterioration?

If he does, it is time to be concerned. This is all the more important nowadays, since we are living in tempos where the USA antagonists are stronger than ever, and lots of fanatics out there are continuously assessing our capabilities of defense. The frailer Biden’s impression, the less respect he inspire, and higher the risks of confrontations.

Biden’s press conferences, town meetings and media interviews are the only means for the public to assess his cognitive impairments; if any.

Sorry to say, but there are lots of signs that suggest he is suffering from Dementia; a group of symptoms that bear upon mental cognitive tasks, such as memory and reasoning.

It is quite evident that Biden frequently struggle to remember names.  Trouble fitting ideas together is perceptible during discussions of routine topics (often exerting bizarre efforts to do so).  Confounding quantities is another area of concern.  He has to be corrected when making reference to simple aggregates; like mistaking billions for trillions.

Inappropriate outbursts of anger when challenged are predictable (“you are not black enough if you do not vote for me”).  In several occasions during the presidential campaign, he exploded in rage when questioned in townhalls encounters; denoting poor anger management skills.  When the media attempts to interrogate him, he just turns his back and walks away (which is not only rude and irresponsible, but also a silly childlike outpouring of anger and frustration).

Regularly he shows face muscle twitches and repeatedly produce inarticulate sounds. He can hardly walk with easy (mostly robotic movements); usually expressions are flat (although not necessarily a lack of emotions, it can be a symptom of a mental health condition related to brain chemistry). His fixation with vaccination, while brushing off all other critical conundrums, it is also a sign of concern.

Exhibiting inexpressive stares (like in an absent type epileptic seizure), and resting his forehead on top of the podium during a press conference, are signals that probably something is not going well.  His frequent eye scrubbing and nose touches, are actions that might be intended to avoid looking at the face of persons to whom he is telling a lie. Rubbing the back of his ears and scratching the side of the neck are signals of doubt or insecurity.  Smiling inappropriately, like forcing an artificial or plastic grin, is another indication of progressive dementia; particularly when it is done with the mouth open and teeth visible. 

But, that ‘s not all.  He also shows disorientation and confusion (like he doesn’t know what he wants or where he is).  His language and communication skills are deficient; alterations in his thinking abilities are evident (word salads, made-up stories to fill in gaps in his memory, such as, “I commuted [on Amtrak] every single day for 36 years as vice president of the United States …”).  Politico recently reported that troubled by what Biden might say when taking questions (event that rarely happens), “drives some in the White House to mute him or turn off his public appearances altogether”. 

Biden also shows diminished awareness and concentration; poor judgment and reasoning proficiencies that might lead to bad decisions. It doesn’t seem that he senses the range of possible unintended consequences of his resolutions.

His poor judiciousness and meager reasoning competences probably explain the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and his decision to keep our borders open (something that even Obama asserted it is unsustainable).  Forcing vaccination at all levels has been breeding more problems than solutions.  On the other hand, ending the southern border wall construction, not only goes against all logic, but it is a reckless decision that forfeit tax payers’ billions of dollars already invested.  The fact is that the country needs a wall as another mean to minimize illegal immigration, crime, terrorism and contraband of deadly substances; among other considerations. Just because that undertaking was an initiative of the past administration, doesn’t mean it is without merits.

Of course, displaying these symptoms of cognitive decline is not Biden fault. The problem arises when we consider that he is the president of a leading powerful nation with nuclear devices; capable of destroying other countries while being destroyed as well during counterattacks.     

A president that can’t lead the nation projecting strength, stability and normal mental capacities, becomes a real national threat that pose an existential gamble to the country.

 Biden doesn’t seem to be fit to deliver the USA in these struggling times.  As declared by Obama: ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (botch) things up’.  This I all the more relevant now than ever, since his mental health appears to be in a process of rapid deterioration.   If these observations are factually correct, as I believe they are, then we have a huge challenge never encountered before in our history; a commander in chief with progressive dementia; probably of Alzheimer’s type.  

Now seems to be the time to have a group of mental health professionals evaluating Mr. Bidens’ neurocognitive competence.  If found unsuitable to discharge the duties of his office, the Twenty Fifth-Amendment provides for his removal.

Of course, that decision is not a comfortable task.  Much less when the person who should start the process is unwilling to do so, and neither competent to lead this country as successor.  

Nonetheless, something must be done with urgency because the sword of Damocles might be hanging right now over our heads.

*Dr. J. A. Viera is a retired university professor of statistics, sociology and psychology.


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