When Autumn is just around the Corner

Former Ventura County resident, Tom Baldwin, takes his camera to Cedar Mountain near his new home in Utah, to give us a snapshot of Autumn.  Though in our environs Autumn comes with a whisper, or the heated breath of Santa Anas, it graces our ex-patriot’s home with a flash of color.

From Tom: “Awoke again early and up on mountain, [there it was] just as the sun [was] rising. It was really cold up there this morning, but that is the best time to take pictures. Colors are bright and not washed out or overwhelmed. I tried panoramic views but they just don’t satisfy like the close in shots of the leaves changing colors. Look at this I found tucked in under a tree and down close to the ground. Can you believe all the colors! And who says pastels aren’t pretty. As you might have guessed this is my favorite and for today and [one of these] is my wallpaper.”

I think it will be ours, too, Tom.  Computer glory, reminding us that somewhere, Autumn is just around the corner.

Cedar Mountain Fall of 2014 144




Tom Baldwin is a former Moorpark resident where he served his community on the school board.  He moved with his family to Cedar City Utah and is an accomplished writer.

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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

If you’re a fisherman, this is also one of the best seasons in the Eastern Sierra’s because the rates are lower at the Hotels and the kids that toss rocks where you’re fishing are back in school.

William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

For those who want to take a weekend or more to see fall colors, may I suggest heading up to the Eastern Sierra’s. When you get into Bishop, you can ask the locals where the color is at. From my experiences, early October is a great time for this.